‘Primsters’ is the latest collection from ARROJO master stylist, Lina Arrojo. Taking six real people –– not professional models –– Lina creates cuts to suit the uniqueness of the character. 
Each style is designed for wearability –– these are real people with real lives and these looks are loose and easy, so each of the Primsters is empowered to wash and wear, use product, be creative, and make the style –– as a demure city girl on the go –– whatever they want it to be. 
Despite the individualized styling of each cut, the technical and creative concept is a tight-knit tour de force. Every shape features a structured, technically-precise interior using classic skills of the craft. Only after foundations were in place did Lina 
deconstruct what she had done, forgo technique, and experiment, improvise, and innovate with scissors and razor. This creative work is all done on the exterior. With the interior form in place, Lina was able to dishevel, break up, pull apart, fray the edges of each cut.
Result: a perfectly imperfect, hair-focused editorial collection. Loose, beatnik elegance symbolized by the deconstruction in texture and lived-in feel. It is, however, the strong technical foundations that allow these masterful deconstructive elements to shine.
Lina Arrojo, assisted by Rea Winter, Shawnee Seeley, Crystal Jane Gerard
Make up: 
MaryBeth Pellegrino
Tina LeNoble
Pedro Zoo