New York City girls brought the beach wave to the street. Now these same girls are demanding waves and curls combined with shorter shapes and greater expansion.
Kinesis features inverted graduated shapes on shorter styles, tighter curl patterns, and push up from the nape, these pioneering looks bring a fresh perspective to the texture trend.
In terms of techniques, the Kinesis American Wave wrap applies the concept of brick laying to create taut curl patterns with elevation built from the nape, in similar fashion to how a classic graduated bob finds its timeless shape. Using precise application with ultra small wrapping rods below the rounds of the head to effect bounce from the underneath up, it is a groundbreaking approach to create the next wave of curl. A new “piggyback” method that uses two different size rods to make a translation in size within a single curl is also employed, making for natural-looking curl full of kinesis.
ARROJO Creative Team led by Tina Lee Noble & Zoe Bill using American Wave Texture Service & American Wave Hair Care
Make up: 
Julio Sandino
Tina Le Noble
Cody Lidtke