“The editorial styling class takes the classic shapes of hairdressing and turns them into pioneering, avant-garde styles, using a range of professional tools. Under the guidance of our editorial veterans, on day one attendees learn to create the looks that are currently on the vanguard of fashion and beauty trends. Continuing the inspiration, day two begins with a slideshow of our editorial back-catalog. Then we demo braids, Marcel waves, and weft work, which leads into a hands-on workshop where you use these skills to create progressive and inventive styles of your own making. This special class, giving you the unique experience of world-renowned editorial stylists, is perfect for hairdressers who want to work in the fashion industry.” –– Nick Arrojo


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  • Two-day seminar, including demos and workshops
  • Includes presentation and explanation of ARROJO editorial work
  • Increases trend-awareness and creativity as we show you new ways to use traditional hairstyling techniques
  • A unique opportunity to learn from the editorial experience of our team
  • One ARROJO educator per six students means lots of individual attention for all class attendees
2 Days (10 hrs)
Designed For: 
  • Any stylist interested in editorial and avant-garde work
  • Gaining inspiration from the creative know-how of our team
  • Improving your editorial portfolio
09/30/2018 to 10/01/2018
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