Visible Changes Hair Group
Owned by husband and wife James Arvanitis and Bridget Bader, Visible Changes Hair Group became an ARROJO Ambassador in 2013 and have capitalized on our support to take their salon from strength to strength, including a brand-defining relocation to a bespoke new facility in Garnerville, NY. They kicked off 2016 with a celebratory party, attended by clients, dignitaries, and Nick Arrojo; with the recent marking of their third anniversary as an Ambassador, we thought it was time to catch up with this passionate team of hairdressing artists. 
James Arvanitis and Bridget, we’ve noticed you’ve been growing a lot since you became an Ambassador. How many stylists do you now employ? 
We currently employ eleven stylists and two makeup artists, as well as three apprentices and one outside session stylist. As the team grew, we needed more support; we now employ three people on the front desk, to coordinate clients and help to manage daily operations. 
How many years have you been in business?
Just shy of eighteen years. After fifteen years in our original location, we relocated to our current facility three years ago.
What has been your greatest achievement within your business?
We are proud of our longevity and especially our training program, which has consistently produced some of the best stylists in our county. We have watched many stylists learn and grow with us. Some have moved into different areas of the industry, others have stayed in our salon and have been with us since the beginning our journey. We have stylists who have spent their whole career with us, which is a testament to the culture and camaraderie we nurture. Our involvement in the Best Buddies Program, which works with intellectually and developmentally disabled students, as well as school and community organizations, has created opportunities for us give back to our clients and the community. The community has supported us so much over the years, to now be able to return that goodwill is an amazing feeling of achievement.  
What has been your most exciting time as an ARROJO Ambassador Salon?
There is so much connection to, and excitement from, the ARROJO team that we would have to say that, since becoming an Ambassador, it’s the whole journey that is the most exciting thing. From the monthly Happy Mondays to Expo, the Summits and seminars, to the team and talent Nick attracts, there is no better culture to be apart of in the ever changing business of beauty.
I believe everyone at Visible Changes has grown, been challenged, and profited by the talent and energy that surrounds Nick’s brand. We have had more team events, more of our stylists attending (ARROJO) education, and more continued education at our salon than ever before.  Our product knowledge and sales have overflowed; we have never worked with a retail line quite like it. 
Last but not least our Makeover Magic Event with Nick, Corrinn and Drew at our salon. To help us kick off the new year, Nick offered to come to Garnerville to give a makeover to one lucky winner of our retail competition. Not only did it help us generate amazing retail sales, the makeover captured the imagination of our clientele, making for an amazing party and meet and greet with Nick and his staff. The event gave us validation and kudos. It helped people to connect the dots, see our dedication to continued education, to putting the client first, and to using and recommending the best professional products. 
What else do you enjoy about being a part of the community of ARROJO Ambassadors?
The amazing family of salons that have joined the Ambassador Program is empowering and gratifying; the quality of the salons and stylists in this network tells you everything about the attraction of Nick’s philosophies. From Florida, Minnesota, Atlanta, New Mexico, and all around the states, we have discovered fellow Ambassadors that come together to support each other. In the past, we might have carried some of the same products as another salon, but it felt like we were in competition with them, both as a business and as an individual. Nick has fostered a culture that gets like-minded salons and stylists to come together to support and inspire each other. It starts with the core group that works closely with Nick in New York. For their constant support of salons like ours, we pay special thanks to Nick, Gordon Nelson, Whitney Landa, Gerard Scarpaci, and Corrinn Dinan. They make being an ARROJO Ambassador a special experience. 
If you live, work, or travel in Garnerville, NY, we highly recommend Visible Changes Hair Group for all your hair care services. Visit their Website, here.