DJ Muldoon & The Factory Showing the Value of Connection & Collaboration 
Alongside his father, Michol, DJ Muldoon is the co-owner of The Factory, a creative hair production space in San Diego that has gained national recognition for its commitment to using education to foster world-class hairdressing services while advancing the craft. As an ARROJO Ambassador, DJ has represented The Factory as a guest educator at our seminars and shows, epitomizing the commitment to connection and collaboration that sets our direct distribution model apart. After starring at a recent Happy Mondays, and with a guest educator class at our Advanced Academy in August, we’re taking a closer look at what makes DJ and The Factory champions of the craft. . .  
DJ, Tell Us About The Factory. . . 
It’s really a dream turned into reality. We wanted a creative hair production space that inspires knowledge and creativity in the hair industry through an unrivaled level of education. Everything about The Factory has been built with this in mind. My go-to phrase is ‘Knowledge Destroys Fear’. It means that the highest standards of haircutting and coloring are achieved through education. We have a team of ten incredibly well trained stylists and we constantly strive to improve and evolve. 
You have rich hairdressing heritage. Can you tell us a little about it? 
I’ve very lucky to have worked with, and been influenced by, some incredible hairdressing artists. I’ve worked with Vidal Sassoon Academy and Paul Mitchell and its Global Art Director, Robert Cromeans. From developing the cutting system for schools to becoming Director of Education of the Paul Mitchell School in San Diego, I’ve also presented a lot of educational DVDs. My print work has appeared on covers of industry trade magazines and I’ve taken to the stage at the major US hair shows. At The Factory, I have collated all of this knowledge to create my own education by way of hands-on classes and step by step videos. 
How have you found collaborating with ARROJO Education? 
It’s really special. Nick has created a clever, innovative and nimble program that ties education to product so stylists can always get the education they need and deserve. I’m thrilled to be a part of it. 
We heard great feedback from your Happy Mondays appearance alongside Nick, and you have your own dedicated class at the ARROJO Academy in August.  Can you tell us a little about it? 
Yes, Happy Mondays was amazing. It was the final part of the ARROJO Texture Summit weekend and it was a completely sold out show, which made it extra exciting. To work on stage with Nick and Stephen Adams (Moxie Co-Salon Owner & ARROJO Ambassador), who is another incredible artist, was a great experience and a testament to the strength of the network of Ambassadors. 
I was thrilled to be invited by Nick to facilitate my own class at ARROJO Academy. The class is based on my key principle of Knowledge Destroys Fear and will be designed to elevate artistic energy and inspiration by joining the classic with the creative. It’s great to work with such an open and inclusive brand that welcomes fresh perspectives. 
If you are a professional stylist interested in attending DJ’s Knowledge Destroys Fear Seminar at ARROJO Academy, August 21-22, please go here for full details.  
If you live, work, or travel though San Diego, we highly recommend The Factory for all your hair care services. Visit their Website, here
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