Square Root

Owned by David Gatt and Jason Smith, Square Root, Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a trendy downtown salon opened in 2011. As ARROJO Ambassadors, we invited their senior team to Up Close with Nick, a seminar for anyone that wants to parley Nick’s best practices into their own business. This Q&A focuses on the benefits Ambassadors find from getting hands-on with an industry great.
How valuable was the Up Close with Nick Seminar? 
David: Not only did it stimulate more motivation, it empowered us to understand what our motivations are and how to direct them onto a path to success. Nick spoke of nurturing your team; finding solutions to challenges; how momentum drives success; the importance of client communication; and being inclusive, not exclusive, as a unique selling point. Now it’s up to us to nurture growth from Nick’s ideas. 
What is your business focus after taking the class?
David: We are developing our Web site for greater presence. And we are adopting ARROJO’s "Happy Mondays," whereby we invite other salon owners and stylists into our space for a complimentary demonstration workshop. We will use this as a driver to make announcements for upcoming classes and events, as well as to offer promotions.
Did Nick change your perception of any other facet of a successful salon? 
David: It reinforced the importance of retailing, while putting it into a new light. The product is the stylists’ friend and supports their work. Through education, communication, and trust, retailing happens naturally. It’s good to hear how central to success retail performance is, while never being about the hard sell.
Can you tell us one thing that Nick does that you would like to implement into your salon straight away?
David: Nick’s training is incredible; we want a similar program. We invested in the ARROJO educational DVDs and we have started training apprentices. We understand the importance of education and the need to have a system in place for new stylists that enter our industry. We want our own program to promote continued advanced education for all stylists.