Joining 250 salons nationwide Salon Rouge, located at 2027 South Bend Ave., Indiana, became an ARROJO Ambassador recently, meaning they carry our products and embrace our education. Find out more in this revealing Q & A... 
Roxann, there’s a nice backstory to how you became the owner of Salon Rouge’s South Bend location. Can you tell us about it? 
Roxann Leonhard: Yes, I’ve been with Salon Rouge for 16 years and my career has grown as the brand has grown. We opened the South Bend location in 2009 and as the owner of this location, I’ve now taken the next step on my own journey. I’ve taken classes with many iconic brands, like Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, and Goldwell, so I feel ready to be a leader. 
As the owner of this location, it was your decision to bring in ARROJO. What factors influenced your choice? 
RL: What I most enjoy is the successes of my team; and what I find the hardest is balancing the financial aspect. We were looking to add a new line that would be a linchpin for the salon –– with a manufacturer who could help me to continue to inspire the team to greater heights, while ensuring the financials stay strong. I met Nick through Goldwell in Chicago. We spoke and it was love at first word. His philosophies and ethics were what we were looking for, while the products’ look, price point, and variety are all impressive. We believe this partnership will be beneficial because we are bringing a new, exciting brand to our community, and we are adding the resource of Nick's knowledge, experience, reputation and notoriety to the salon. 
What excites you most about this new partnership? 
RL: We are excited about the education. ARROJO’s reputation is world-class and we believe the quality of the learning we will receive will play a massive part in the growth and expansion of the business. I like to look at it like a chain reaction. Now we can tap into the ARROJO culture and experience, which will in turn inspire my team to produce better and better results for their clients. 
What differences do you find between ARROJO and other product brands? 
RL: What sets ARROJO apart is what’s behind the bottle. For example, Nick flew here to do a client meet and greet so he could introduce the products to our clientele. We offered a blowdry bar for $25 and a free signed copy of his book with a retail purchase of $50. The local news came out and did a story. We had a full house, the place was packed with energy and excitement; we had one of our best ever retail days. Nick even found time to go over some great business pointers and spoke of his beginnings and road to success. Nick’s passion is so refreshing, and something that my team identify with. We feel very privileged, very inspired to have an icon of the industry working hands-on with us. 
One of your member’s of staff, when she heard about this Q&A, felt compelled to write to us to say, ‘We are truly blessed to have Roxann as a leader.’ That’s a great compliment. What do you think makes you an inspiring salon owner? 
RL: I think there is a lot that goes into it; it’s a team effort with some give and take. Working with iconic brands helped to set standards in our salon and now we maintain our own education, which means the team always has something to learn and that is what keeps hairdressers inspired. Working with ARROJO is now going to take our education to another level. We have a friendly and professional atmosphere and together we want to thrive and grow. We’ve nurtured a culture of respect, hard work, success, and a happy clientele. When you put these things together it creates a great working environment for everyone. 
Salon Rouge is an award-winning, 14-chair salon located in South Bend, Indiana. If you are in the eastern central US, we highly recommend their high-class services. Visit their website, here.