Salon Pure 
Salon Pure is a premiere hair salon in Princeton, New Jersey. Opened in 2007 by Amy Kaczowski, the upscale salon promotes the importance of simplistic beauty in a relaxing, rejuvenating environment. Having chosen to become an ARROJO Ambassador because of a passion for the product line and the quality of the education it makes available to her team, Amy began enjoying incredible success as our partner, so she decided to become a flagship Ambassador, meaning she carries ARROJO Product exclusively. This exciting development inspired Nick to make another visit to Salon Pure, to educate and motivate the team while promoting the partnership to the salon’s guests. Good times were had by all so we caught up with Amy to discover more about her salon, and how she is finding the Ambassador Program. 
Amy, Nick had great things to say about your business. Can you tell us about Salon Pure?
Salon Pure has 25 employees. It is a very comfortable and creative space for the stylist's artistic side to flourish. Clients love the relaxed feel they get when they walk in. Making the client experience great is our number one mission. 
We know you’ve won many awards, but what do you consider your greatest achievement in business? 
As a salon we won best salon in New Jersey three years in a row. We won best in service in Princeton in 2015. We have been published in various industry magazines. Personally, I’ve also won best educator multiple times throughout my educating career.
But being an owner it’s really managing to operate a successful business everyday that I consider my biggest achievement. As an owner it's being a part of every aspect of my business, monitoring the areas that are weak and putting extra effort on them. It is constant, the business is always changing. 
What do you think makes a great salon? 
I think what makes  great salon is having a staff who is educated in the latest techniques so they can constantly move forward to satisfy the clients needs. I think the client comes first. A great consultation is key to success with your client.
We also work closely with other local businesses to promote each other and that collaboration is a huge part of our success. We are located in a heavily walking traffic so that works well for new clients to find us. Word of mouth is always the best way to promote a hair salon and we have a great reputation that spreads virally. 
Why did you choose to carry the product exclusively as a Flagship Ambassador?
We pride ourselves on being an education based company. We have training everyday. And more intensive structured classes every month. But the access to ARROJO education has made a huge difference. We are close to NYC so we have attended and got a lot of inspiration from the Happy Mondays and I have sent many of my team to the incredible roster of classes available at ARROJO Advanced Academy. The professionalism and the level of education is off the charts. It’s so far beyond what other brands are offering. Each educator is so prepared and passionate and I was impressed by that. That is lacking in our industry. I looked at many companies but ARROJO was by far was the best.
What about the ARROJO Product line; is it meeting your expectations? 
We love the products because they are so well thought out to exactly what you need it to do on the hair. We can custom mix products for exactly what our clients needs are.The price point is also great for clients to buy multiple products at a time. 
Being a flagship partner already has shown its worth by the support of the ARROJO team.  The classes, the connection to other salons to help with issues. It's just the beginning and I'm very excited for the future.
Knowledge is power so if you are educated on the product it will just come so easy to retail it. As far as the education, again, if you have no fear because you know your craft you will draw in more clients. ARROJO recognizes this so clearly and rather than fluff, they give you the tools you need to really grow your business. I wanted to be a part of that. 
I’m delighted to say my clients also love the products.The first comment is usually about the fragrances.They love that we can provide them with something new and exciting. They love to hear about us going into the city for education. It makes them feel they are in the right place. 
To finish, tell us a little about your own journey as a hair stylist. . .  
There  was no other industry that I ever wanted to be a part of. I became an educator for a major hair company for 10 years. I believe that was the best training to carve out my way through the years. I let that go to become an owner and have the best salon I could ever have dreamed of. My love for education has become the base of my salon. I have been a stylist for over 20 years. I have had the pleasure of working with some top wedding designers, and have worked with some great stylists, side by side, on stage. Styling hair and cutting is my craft and my passion. 
I never really wanted to be an owner at first. I knew my work ethic, I am a strong and very competitive person , but also love to be a leader. I came from a family that are all self employed so I really just thought that is what you do.
The most rewarding parts are seeing my clients happy, seeing my staff happy . That makes me happy.
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