On a mission to “reset the industry's standard” Ashley Collins and Erin Shebaugh opened PLUM hair atelier in Raleigh, North Carolina on April 18, 2013. The high-end salon proved a success from the start, yet the co-owners were uninspired by product manufacturers who failed to match their vision. Until they came to ARROJO.... 
Ashley & Erin, as new Ambassadors can you tell us why you chose ARROJO product for PLUM hair atelier? 
We wanted exclusivity. Lots of brands claim to be exclusive; then you find them around town, online, and in many salons. Unimpressed by the product lines that we’d tried, we kept looking for a better fit. After visiting ARROJO we knew we’d found it. The scent, performance, price point, and packaging are all perfect. The brand you work with also needs to have some excitement. Great classes, inspirational educators, innovative training, exciting opportunities, business support, and Nick being on the front line were big points of difference. 
That’s great to hear, and welcome to the program! I’d like to pick up on business support as to us it’s such an important part of the relationship, yet it seems undervalued by some manufacturers. How have you found this part of the partnership? 
As a fairly new business the support is invaluable. ARROJO is having a great impact on our salon. It’s far beyond any other company, and we’ve only been working together a few months! Regular contact with Nick and his team is amazing. Nick’s presence surpasses that of other "owners." When you put that with the education and products, it adds up to a brand that we were beginning to think didn’t exist. Thanks to Nick, it does exist. ARROJO was the first company that made us feel, ‘hey, here’s someone who is appreciative of working with our business, not just taking our money!’  
Nick came to Raleigh to help you launch ARROJO in the salon. Did you find this to be a helpful and positive event? 
We feel lucky to work with a brand where the owner is so involved. Nick shared his past, his journey, and everything in-between. He has such a relatable story, our team connected with him. In the afternoon we had clients come in for complimentary blowouts with one-on-one consultations with Nick. He was taking photos and signing autographs. Our clients were over the moon! Our sales have drastically improved. This comes from every need being met. Our team is inspired, our clients are excited, and the products rock! Our retail numbers have doubled, even tripled, on some weeks.  
We really love the design of your salon, and the creative energy that permeates your team. Can you tell us about your business –– what made you want to open your own salon, and what was the overall concept? 
We wanted to create our own culture rather than follow somebody else's. We also wanted to help other passionate stylists, to create a “dream team.” Conceptually, the space reflects “urban elegance.” We wanted to balance glamour with the street. We wanted clients to be wowed; to create an oasis in Raleigh, North Carolina. 
How has it gone so far? 
We’re so proud of the team we have put together. At such a young age, our business has become a strong, solid group of talented, passionate, and focused professionals. This translates to the atmosphere. You always hear laughing and see smiles and hugs. Our name came from the definition of being a "desirable thing.” We want our space to be just that. People should want to be here,  whether it’s to work, get their hair done, or to hangout.
What do you do to proactively build success? 
Our team thrives when they are inspired. We try to mix up the routine with opportunities. In just over a year we have done magazine articles, cover stories, local fashion shows, Paris and NY fashion weeks, photoshoots, video shoots, charity events, client events, in-house education, and training in NYC. We also work hard to incentivize clients, making them feel special. Our PLUM points program allows clients to earn points for each dollar spent, prebooking, and for referring new guests. These points add up and clients can use them as they wish. Clients love to be rewarded for their loyalty; it’s highly successful.  
What’s the most rewarding and challenging parts of owning your own business? 
The most rewarding part of being a salon owner is celebrating the success of our stylists when they reach goals and surpass expectations. I love seeing them grow. The hardest part of being a salon owner is learning how to best encourage growth and keep the team inspired. Working with ARROJO we have more opportunities to inspire our stylists’ success, and we have more support as we grow. It’s why we are so excited to have found the perfect fit for PLUM.  
Special Thanks to Ashley Collins and Erin Shebaugh for taking the time to talk with ARROJO. If you’re in North Carolina, we highly recommend paying PLUM hair atelier a visit. You can find their website, here: http://www.plumhairatelier.com/
If you are a salon owner or stylist interested in joining the ARROJO Ambassador Program, please call: 212 242 7786 x 216. Or email: proapply@arrojonyc.com
Photos: Sean Junqueira
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