Questions and Answers, With An ARROJO Ambassador 

Question: Edna, first, tell us about your salon business...
Edna Siegel: I opened Panache in 2000. I worked in other salons for ten years, but I always wanted to provide more style, better service, nicer ambience. Today we have 18 members of staff, and we have been recognized in the Salon Today Magazine ‘Top 200’ for the past five years. I was also recognized as one of the top seven business leaders of the year by Gannon University Small Business Development Center. 
What makes you successful?
ES: The design of the salon is eclectic and elegant. It helps our clients feel relaxed, pampered, and, because we put emphasis on a warm and welcoming culture of great customer service, part of something special. We’re also committed to education; our staff are well trained in latest trends and techniques. Another thing we do is lots of community initiatives and charity work. This has given us exposure and enhanced our reputation in the community.
We love salons that are pro-active about education. Can you explain what you do, and why?
ES: To ensure new stylists have the right skill-set, and to continue to develop the expertise of existing staff, we have created our own educational program. It’s not only technical, we also focus on personal growth and teaching the importance of customer service. Why? It keeps staff happy and motivated; it means we can produce better work every day; and it enables the positive, growth-orientated culture of Panache. 
When did you realize the importance of education? 
ES: At 22, I knew education was the key to success. Even though I was a young, single mother I borrowed money and went to New York to study under Paul Mitchell. Later, I added Vidal Sassoon, Nick Arrojo, Oribe, and many others to my list of educators. Now, after owning three successful salons, I continue to work hard every day to bring quality services and products to clients. I believe education is the key to growth, and I still attend advanced classes to improve Panache by passing on what I learn to my team.
You sound like a hands-on and passionate salon owner, is it a rewarding role?
ES: I’m very lucky. Every day I am excited about going to work, happy, with a chance to create. I see each haircut as an opportunity to challenge myself and to improve on what we’ve done before. I love helping clients feel good about themselves, and owning a salon allows me to set higher standards. I also enjoy helping my staff grow as people and professionals. I work hard to be a great role model. I believe that making money is important for growing your business, but not as important as honesty, integrity, and social responsibility. I think the staff and clients of Panache benefit from this positive philosophy, and that is my ultimate reward.
You clearly have a well-established and successful salon with strong principles, and you’ve also stocked top-quality product brands like Oribe and Bumble and Bumble, why did you choose to join the Ambassador Program?
ES: Nick Arrojo’s reputation as a hairdresser, educator, mentor, and business leader is unsurpassed. I wanted to improve my staff training, develop my own skills, and share world-class education with my team. Now I can. I am able to lean on Nick’s experience, and he’s showing me how to take Panache’s in-house education to the next level. The close personal relationship and commitment to education were key to my decision.
How are you, your stylists and clients finding ARROJO products?
ES: Two things I noticed hooked me. One, the performance is exceptional. Two, the price-point is affordable. My clients have been surprised at how good the products are for the price they pay. It’s a top-quality product line, with connection to an industry great, and they’re priced sensibly.
You’re still a relatively new Ambassador. Have you had time to feel the benefits of the program?
ES: Yes, definitely. The education given as part of the program is outstanding. It’s allowing us to cultivate and nurture stylists’ development even more than we have done in the past. It’s a great vehicle for keeping us competitive. The support from ARROJO is another incredible benefit. For example, Nick agreed to take part in an in-salon event to celebrate the product launch. We were able to instigate a retail contest where any client that bought three products had their name put into a prize draw with the winner getting a hair cut with Nick at Panache. The event was amazing. It turned into a party with a fabulous wine reception and we arranged local TV and press coverage. It brought exposure and excitement to my business. When Nick visited, he also trained the stylists on the products. I don’t know another brand where the person who created the products also shows you how to use them. I’ve found working with Nick and ARROJO to be motivational and inspirational. The way ARROJO works is easy to understand, applicable to life on the salon floor, and creates a sustainable platform for growth.