HOTBOX Las Vegas
HOTBOX Las Vegas is a community of friendly, talented, and passionate hairdressers led by salon owner, David Bangham. Their chic salon and commitment to hairdressing excellence has made them a multi-award-winning brand and a go-to destination for stylish Las Vegans and Sin City’s in the know visitors. Now approaching their 10th anniversary, they’ve enjoyed a meteoric rise since joining our Ambassador Program. See what they’re up too in this Q&A. . . 
David,  tell us about your hair salon. How many employees do you have and what’s your key mission and vision? 
It’s a team of 18 hair stylists, one Esthetician, one Nail Tech, two Client Coordinators, and a Salon Manager. We’ve been in business since May 2006 and we have a lot of love and passion for hairdressing, and for the Las Vegas community. We guest educate at local cosmetology schools because we want to inspire the next generation of stylists; we also volunteer our time to charities and generally try to spread coolness across the Las Vegas valley!
Hotbox is a growing business. Tell us about your success. 
Despite starting our business during a rough economy, after five years we were able to grow from a seven-chair hair salon, to a 15-chair full-service salon, adding nails & esthetics. Over the years, we are proud to say that we have built a team of strong, passionate hairdressers who love what they do. It’s the strength of our culture of hairdressing that underpins our success. 
What has been your most exciting time as an ARROJO Ambassador Salon?
Here at Hotbox, I hosted an ARROJO Happy Monday event alongside Nick (Arrojo) in June of this year. We had an incredible time. We saw an immense increase in excitement from our staff towards the ARROJO brand, and Nick's private presentation to our team inspired an even greater desire to understand how to incorporate the ARROJO line into each stylist's and client's daily routine. After the presentation and the Happy Monday event, we ran a month-long retail competition and saw a 75 - 100% increase in retail sales. The top two winners won a free week’s rent and a ticket to ARROJO Expo. 
It’s impressive to see your commitment to education. Why is it important to you? 
HOTBOX salon is incredibly passionate about education. In 2006, I introduced the HOTBOX Workshop –– a series of accredited hands-on workshops for hairdressers focusing on cutting and coloring techniques, from fundamentals to advanced creative techniques I have originated and put into practice. HOTBOX stylists also make regular Guest Artist appearances in other salons and local cosmetology schools, work trade shows, and travel as educators for various companies. 
What else would you like to say? 
We believe that by empowering each other to better hairdressers, everyone wins!