The Hair Parlour
Celebrating the Success of the Hair Parlour 
Located in Kansas City Missouri, at the fashionable crossroads of the local art district, Hair Parlour is a cozy and creative space with great views of the city. Offering custom haircuts, color services, special occasion styling, makeup and conditioning treatments, Salon Owner Jamie Miller has enjoyed incredible success since becoming an ARROJO Ambassador in 2012, so much so that Nick Arrojo came to town to host a Happy Mondays for local stylists, meet the whole team at Hair Parlour, and connect our culture to theirs. 
Here’s what Jamie had to say about Nick’s visit and being a part of the ARROJO Ambassador Program. 
“The Bauer (the name of the building in which Hair Parlour resides) is home to many local artists and it’s an amazing community of people. To have Nick come here with a team from NYC and put on a Happy Mondays to show the latest trends and techniques from The Big Apple was such a boost to the whole team, and gave us lots of kudos from our neighbors in the community. Not only was it amazing to see Nick’s razor cutting close up, but Blaine, the colorist, also showed us some amazingly inspirational hair coloring skills. 
“There are so many benefits to the Ambassador Program, I’m so happy we are a part of it. The products have been a revelation. Not only does the exclusivity of the line give us a point of difference, but our stylists genuinely enjoy working with them. This passion naturally translates into more retail sales, which gives us more Reward Dollars to take more education, which continually feeds our inspiration and success. We’ll be at ARROJO Expo in NYC again this year and we can’t wait to see what Nick and the team have in store for us this time!” 
Hair Parlour is located at 115 west 18th St., Kansas City, MO. If you are in the area, we highly recommend them for all your hair care services. Get more Hair Parlour salon info, here
See images of Nick’s salon visit and the Hair Parlour salon space below.