Gleam Salon 
Co-owned by Art Cortez, Ismael Mosquera, and Alejandra Pacheco Gleam is our first Ambassador Salon in Manhattan. Located in the prestigious Upper West Side neighborhood of the city, Gleam opened in 2012 and has become renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and creativity, personalized care, and excellent customer service in a relaxed and chic setting. Their new year began with huge growth; we caught up with the owners to see how life as an ARROJO Ambassador is helping their success. . .  
Art, Ismael, and Alejandra tell us a little more about your business. 
2016 marks our fourth year of ownership of a beautiful boutique salon. Our goal was to indulge our clients, enhance personal image, and make people feel great about themselves. At Gleam, we believe that doing even small things in a great way will bring people back. Things have been going great. We currently employ  seven stylists and two apprentices, and we work together to enjoy a positive, progressive culture. 
As business owners, what do you consider your biggest achievements?
When Gleam Salon opened, we took a significant initial risk by opening a high-end, boutique hair salon in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Our greatest achievement to date has been the level of dedication and commitment we, as a team, have put into making the salon a place renowned for providing the highest quality service to our clients. Through the love of our craft, we have made a positive impact on our community, helping to attract new business to our neighborhood and leaving our mark on the Upper West Side of New York City.
How has the ARROJO Ambassador Program contributed to your success? 
After attending the ARROJO Business Expo in August 2015, my partners and I were truly inspired, especially after hearing presentations by Jessica Walker, Josh Mcmichen, and Derek Maldonado. We returned to the salon and eagerly shared all of our new knowledge with the staff. With the help and guidance of Drew and Gordon (ARROJO Ambassador Account Directors), we became an ARROJO Ambassador Salon. Between Nick's product knowledge class, his motivational pep-talks, and the ARROJO Happy Monday events, our team ended 2015 and began 2016 with newfound inspiration. As a business owner, this was very clearly evident by the 200% retail sales growth in our first month as an ARROJO Ambassador Salon. 
What keeps you inspired?
At Gleam Salon we take a lot of pride in our outstanding customer service and our talented staff. We also strongly believe in our intensive and expanding education program. Two of our apprentices have successfully completed our training program. One recently became a Junior Stylist, and the other has been promoted to a mid-level Stylist in the past two years. It’s so inspiring to see their growth.  We are also excited to be a new family member of the ARROJO brand and are already experiencing the positive effect it has on our salon and our team. We are looking forward to growing, learning, and experiencing so much more in the coming years.
If you live, work, or travel in New York City, we highly recommend Gleam Salon for all your hair care services. Visit their Website, here.
(212) 662-2211