fUSION Color Bar Salon is the creation of Rocco Plateroti, an award-winning hairstylist and colorist who is frequently published in major hair and beauty magazines. Established in 2011, fUSION Color Bar is a new concept, designed to meet the needs of busy modern woman who want to look and feel beautiful. Located in Jefferson Valley, NY, Rocco’s salon business has gone from strength to strength since choosing to carry our products as part of the ARROJO Ambassador Program. We caught up with him to learn more about his salon and his success. . .  
Rocco, How many stylists do you currently employ? 
We currently have a team of 6 with one apprentice per month. As a relatively young venture, we’re always looking to grow our team.
How long have you been a hairdresser and what makes fUSION Color Bar so successful? 
I have been in the industry for over 30 years, so I have seen a lot, including salons that are great and salons that are not so great. When I opened fUSION Color Bar I wanted to add something special to the community and to offer great service and style to women. 
You have a unique business model. Can you tell us about it? 
It’s been extremely fulfilling to succeed in introducing a new business model and shaking up how the industry works. Four key factors to our business model are: 
1. Focusing on color and color alone.
2. Allowing our guests (we like to call them fUSIONISTAs so they feel a part of what we are doing) the opportunity to take home their personalized single process color—fUSION @ HomeHaving.
3. Flexible ours and working off guest’s schedules by not taking appointments. 
4. Contrary to most  “casual” walk-in models, our guests receive the highest quality service, beginning with a detailed history and in-depth consultation in order to develop  personalized solutions.  
What Inspires you? 
Mentoring and growing talent is part of the heritage of hairdressing, and it is also one of the core  principles of success. At fUSION Color Bar we embrace this responsibility to help elevate the industry and guide people towards a great career. It’s been rewarding to establish a successful apprentice program, taking young, driven adults and turning them into motivated, guided, cOLORISTAs. 
What do you enjoy about being an ARROJO Ambassador? 
Over dinner one evening, Nick (Arrojo) and I were discussing business growth. It was very inspiring to hear Nick’s vision and learn fUSION could be a part of it. Nick’s approachability and commitment to the hairdresser and business owner is what makes everyone want to join his vision and the reason he has found such great success.  
If you live, work, or travel in Jefferson Valley, NY, we highly recommend fUSION Color Bar Salon for all your hair color services. Visit their Website, here.