Fresh Salon

One of our newest Ambassadors is Fresh Salon, Charlotte, North Carolina. Noted for excellence and for providing unparalleled services in the Carolinas, Fresh opened in 2009, and are recent recipients of Charlotte Magazine’s ‘Best of the Best’ award. 
Now Fresh have embraced ARROJO education and product as their avenue to further growth and success. Here we invite Fresh Salon owners, husband and wife team, Jason and Julia Vittorio, to talk about their business, and how they see the Ambassadors Program.
Question: Julia & John, why did you join the Ambassadors Program? 
Julia & John: From the importance we place on education to how we see our salon and brand as a whole, we share a lot of the same philosophies and ambitions as Nick and ARROJO. The addition of ARROJO's exceptional product line further distinguishes Fresh Salon as a breakthrough, style-setting salon in Charlotte –– they are superior, luxurious products at a reasonable price point, and that makes them a winner with stylists and clients alike. As for the education and the overall principles of the program, it enables us to offer our clientele an approach to hairstyling that is rooted in excellence, education, creativity, and innovation.
We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from Ambassadors regarding the introductory classes, and the product launch parties that are attended by Nick. As you’ve experienced both, do you think they are valuable?
Julia & John: The introductory class was brilliant. Rather than focusing on basic product knowledge, ARROJO provides a hands-on styling class. My team got to learn new and inspirational styling techniques, while discovering the features and benefits of the products in an active, practical session. As stylists we need to touch and feel it to believe it.  After class, we believed. Since, I’ve noticed how inspired and motivated the team is. At our launch party we invited clients and media to meet Nick and learn about ARROJO. Nick gave an inspiring and edifying speech about his products, vision and philosophies, as well as mingling and taking pictures with guests. He also encouraged us to run a retail-focused contest where one Fresh Salon client won a full makeover from Nick at Fresh. For all this, we received media coverage on TV, and in print. The next day we had an influx of new client requests. It was a great experience for everyone involved, and the contest gave us a great boost in retail sales. It was the perfect way to start the relationship.
Now let’s learn more about your business. We know you’re award-winners –– what’s the overall philosophy that has given you these accolades? 
Julia & John: We’re mindful to nurture a team that is welcoming, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing clients with beautiful, healthy hair in a harmonious atmosphere. We maintain a friendly and creative work environment, which promotes individuality, fresh ideas, and hard work –– we aim to exceed client expectations. 
How many members of staff do you have, and how do you keep them motivated for success? 
Julia & John: We have 22 staff. The key to motivation is education because learning and applying new things is what keeps hairdressers inspired. We have an in-house training program with classes twice weekly, and we incentivize stylists to take external classes. This year 11 of our team came to ARROJO expo. Together, we learned lots of new and exciting techniques that we were able to take back to our salon floor. 
Finally, what are the chief rewards and main challenges of being salon owners? 
Julia & John: When you create your own brand, you can do it your way, you can do it better; that’s very satisfying. You get to see how your business is helping so many people to look and feel more beautiful. A great haircut can totally change one’s attitude; we get to see that magic everyday. Another wonderful thing is to see how the support and mentoring we provide to our stylists helps them to build successful careers, become more confident, personally and professionally. 
The biggest challenge is to maintain that feeling of motivation and inspiration amongst your staff beyond a day, a week, a month. It’s another reason why we love the Ambassadors Program: Nick and the ARROJO team have refreshed us all. The trendsetting styling techniques, and the progressive approach to the business and the craft of hairdressing are a revelation.