De Stijl 
Located in Portland, Oregon, De Stijl  is a modern salon designed to encourage and nurture creativity. De Stijl offers contemporary and classic looks for women and men looking to express themselves and define their style. The pairing of owners Sean and Aryn Hogan came up with the salon’s moniker from the Dutch art movement of the same name, determined to apply the same kind of functional simplicity to each color, cut, and style. Impressed by a similar clarity in our product line, and our approach to hairdressing, Sean and Aryn chose to become ARROJO Ambassadors earlier in the year; ever since, they’ve gone from strength to strength. We caught up with them for our weekly salon feature. . .  
1: Sean and Aryn, tell us more about your salon. . .
De Stijl is a boutique six chair salon. Currently it’s just the two of us. We wanted a space that would feel inspirational to be creative in and we’re delighted with how the salon turned out. Our reputation is growing and we are now seeking like-minded professionals to share the space and grow with us, as a collective of creatives.
2: How many years have you been in business?
Collectively, we’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years and we’ve had incredible experiences working for some great brands and on creative projects. But it was only this year we decided on our own business. We wanted to be salon owners in a place we love, so we made it happen! De Stijl opened its doors in February 2015.
3: What has been your greatest achievement as professionals?
Opening a new business is a long and arduous journey; the journey takes many shapes and forms, whether it be learning a new skill or making the mistakes that will prepare you for the future. Our greatest achievement is that we were able to take everything we've learned and build from scratch something that is truly ours. When we say from scratch, we are being quite literal — we did all of the work and labor in the space ourselves, everything from the framing, drywall, and flooring to building custom one of a kind station drawers and reception desk. We wanted every aspect to be original and to have the feel of a functional art installation. We made the decision to do it our way and are grateful for the response we've had.
4: What has been the most exciting part of being an Ambassador Salon?
As an Ambassador Salon we are most excited about being able to offer a product line to our clients that is straight forward and functional. We are excited and confident because we know these products will work just as well in their hands as they do ours. We love the excitement on a clients face when they are able to take something home with them that not only looks and smells fantastic, but will also be beneficial to their life and styling needs.
5: What else would you like to say? 
Our approach to hairdressing is to look at it in its most simplified, economical form, allowing for clean design and masterful craftsmanship to take center stage. By removing the superfluous and unessential, we can focus on the concept and the functionality. With a quiet and confident sophisticated style, we aim to translate the visual language of haircutting into something meaningful, functional and aspirational. 
If you live, work, or travel though Portland, Oregon, we highly recommend De Stijl  for all your hair care services. Visit their Website, here