David Michael Hair Studio

David Michael Hair Studio is a high-end, multi-award-winning salon, Paramus New Jersey. Opened in 2007 with a team of 12, and recognized as the Best of New Jersey and Best of Bergen County in 2010 and 2011, the Studio now employs 27 staff, and has a waiting list of interns and stylists who want to work at this, the regions top salon.
Salon owner, David DeGraw, cites a multifaceted approach to the growth and success of his business: “Great attention to customer service, passionate staff, and ongoing education are my foundation from which to build a successful salon brand,” he says. “I expect my staff to treat clients as well as I expect to be treated at a hotel or restaurant; great customer service is our biggest focus because making clients happy is why we are here. I also believe in the power of positive energy, and I’ve been mindful to hire motivated, passionate, goal-orientated people. I think it contributes to the great energy we enjoy in the salon. We hold our own education nights twice weekly and we’ve attended classes at ARROJO, Bumble & Bumble, and Redken. Many salons promise education but don’t deliver; the quality of our education, and consequently our team, helps us to stand out.”
Despite this philosophy providing the reward of a bustling salon, David is not one to rest on his laurels. “Our current Studio is 2,262 square feet, but with more stylists who want to join us, we are adding 1,800 square feet of extra space,” he says. “We’re putting in more styling stations, more color stations, more space for retail and makeup. It’s all part of the ongoing development of my brand.” 
In 2010, David saw another way to strengthen: ARROJO Ambassadors. “The Ambassadors Program is so exciting to me because I’ve always looked up to Nick (Arrojo). He is a craftsman with a passion for business, and he has a goal to elevate the industry through education and inspiration,” he says. “He is also a mentor and I pass on what I learn from him to my staff. The partnership is less than a year old, yet it has already helped my business in many ways. ARROJO is a brand name with global recognition for excellence and integrity. That recognition rubs off and keeps my team and I on the highest platform for beauty products and services. We’ve also had a visit from Nick, which created great local buzz and increased traffic. Most important, though, is the education ARROJO offers as part of the program. The cutting classes and the ARROJO events are amazing –– it’s helping us to feel inspired and motivated; and to stand even further from our competition.”
Walking through David Michael Hair Studio, one notes the curvature flow of the design. Cutting, coloring, makeup, retail: flowing to and from one-another in a smooth and graceful way. The space exudes clean, tasteful warmth and tranquility. It is clear David put time, thought, and energy into creating an inviting space that clients want to come back to. 
And in terms of frequent client returns, David also points to the value the new products are bringing. “Our clients are really warming to ARROJO products,” he says. “It started slowly because we also have established brands like Bumble and Redken, but there are some key differences and advantages with ARROJO: One, the line is researched and developed by Nick and his senior team directly, which gives the products that extra kick of performance –– they have the salon-floor experience to know what works and what doesn't, and once our stylists put the products into the clients’ hair, everyone sees fantastic results. Two, there is a unique and powerful commitment to educating the clients on product, which has been developed by Nick –– he’s passed this idea onto us and it really helps people to understand and use the products properly at home, so they can recreate that salon look, and feel happier with the complete experience. Three: no diversion. It’s nice to know our clients can’t find ARROJO in CVS.”
In size and recognition David Michael Hair Studio is a growing, emerging brand and David sees Ambassadors as integral to that path: “It’s a joy to see what a positive contribution a great product line, supported by great education, can do for business. We plan to continue to evolve with ARROJO, and become better, stronger, and more successful,” he says.