CUT New Jersey
As they approach their third birthday as the where to be boutique salon of Flemington, NJ, we caught up with “Cut” Salon Owners Peach and Danielle Hardy to find out how things are going as salon owners and ARROJO Ambassadors. . . . 
Peach and Danielle, tell us about your hair salon, CUT?
CUT is a boutique salon. We have three hair designers and two apprentices. Our mission is to love and to serve through artisan hair design. Even though we’re small, we believe in constant education and inspiration and we aim to grow organically. Currently, we have two apprentices who are learning to be hair designers. The apprentices participate in “Education Tuesday” to train their way up to a designer level. 
Do you enjoy co-ownership?  
Yes, we are a tight-knit team. We constantly ask ourselves, “why should the client choose us?” and we are always trying to meet this challenge through a great environment and a commitment to service, craft and creativity. We will be proudly celebrating our three year anniversary this upcoming October. The studio opened on Danielle’s 25th birthday –– October 16, 2012. It’s been a great three years so we’re in celebratory mode! 
What do you see as your greatest accomplishment? 
Our mission statement we came up with while looking for a studio space was “To Love and Serve Through” It is with a humble heart that we can say we have achieved our goal. But we have to keep achieving our goal everyday, on every client. To be able to pour love out to every client who walks through the door is not only an honor, but can be considered our greatest accomplishment in business.
What has been your most exciting time as an ARROJO Ambassador Salon?
Being a part of ARROJO’s Ambassador Program has been nothing short of exceptional. With the help and support of Nick and the team at ARROJO, 
each year so far we’ve been able to host a huge sold out event to 200 people in our community. The “CUT Trend Event” hosts Nick and some of his team at an upscale venue in our little home town. The ARROJO and CUT teams get together and share the stage to highlight some upcoming hair trends that our clients can achieve at home, as well as showing off the creative potential of the products. Each year we have the event catered. We have wine, live music and a catwalk. It’s a big production; people love it, and it’s helped us become a pillar of the community. 
What else would you like to say?
We have a small studio located in a small town that is full of people with big hearts. We are thrilled to be on this journey alongside of ARROJO, as they are an education-based, like minded business. We are thankful for all the opportunities that have come our way and will be looking forward to what’s to come! We may grow one day and we may not. We fully trust that God will continue guiding us in these endeavors, directing our every move as he has since day one.
If you live, work, or travel though Flemington, NJ, we highly recommend CUT for all your hair care services. Visit the CUT Hair Studio website, here