Co-owners of Chemistry Hair Studio in Dover, NH, Michael Fitzgerald and Jessica Vassillion, opened for business in September 2014. After working as successful stylists at an ARROJO Ambassador Salon, they’d had a closeup look at our culture and decided to bring ARROJO in from the outset. Now approaching their one year anniversary, it’s time to see how things are going in their beautiful boutique salon. 
Michael and Jessica, tell us about Chemistry Hair Studio?
Chemistry Hair Studio is currently a team of 2 stylists –– us! Richael is also a team member, fondly called the Mayor of Chemistry because she handles all aspects of running the show on a day to day business as well hobnobbing with the local community.  We are looking to expand the number stylists we have in the next year of business. 
How did you come to open a business together? 
We met at Portsmouth Beauty School in 2006 and had an instant chemistry! We built a great working friendship and went on to work at the same salon. In the summer of 2014, the stars aligned and we felt that it was time for a change. We decided to go out on our own to build a business based on honesty, integrity, and some really darn good hair. 
What do you see as your greatest achievement? 
Our greatest achievement on a grand scale was opening doors this past September. After working for someone else for the majority of your career it is both empowering and frightening to set out on your own. At Chemistry, our only focus is hair; we have an art studio vibe with brilliant daylight lights and muted tones on the walls and furnishing to make the guest and his/her hair center stage.  We really try to execute technically brilliant and beautiful looks yet at the same time take the time to consult with our clients and listen to their needs. We aren’t going to give someone that doesn’t even own a blow dryer a super sleek A-line bob. So on a smaller scale, our greatest achievement is when our clients say, “This is the first time I’ve ever gotten the cut I asked for,” or “This is exactly what I wanted.”
What has been your most exciting time as an ARROJO Ambassador Salon?
Our values as a company focus on advancing the state of the industry by collaboration and innovation vs. competition and complacency. The ARROJO culture really speaks to us in that way. When we come to the Academy for events or classes of course they put on a good time, but the focus is on how to elevate the stylist, the craft, ourselves, and our company to another level. How can our skills improve? How can our business improve? Part of the excitement of working with ARROJO is sharing those ideals, and feeling validated in our work that way. We love that ARROJO is cutting edge, exciting, has the celebrity factor, but we also love that ARROJO is down to earth, collaborative, and willing to work with any size salon right down to us –– a studio in a small town with 2 stylists on board.  It’s exciting to be partnered with a brand that you know what they stand for and can have faith in and feel confident in passing that along to your clients. Selling something you believe in is hardly selling, it’s sharing another good hair tip, as you would with a gal-pal. And that’s what being an Ambassador salon is like; we don’t feel like we are being sold to or tricked into buying anything (which unfortunately can happen in this industry) we just feel like we are friends, sharing ideas and tips. And that is truly exciting to be a part of. 
What else would you like to say?
The inspiration for our salon name comes from the process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. At Chemistry, it’s also about the process –– the desired outcome, the consultation, the technical skill and creativity –– that leads to a transformation of your hair through cut, color or style. If you’re in New Hampshire and you want a new style with all the right Chemistry, come say hi! 
If you live, work, or travel though Dover, NH, we highly recommend Chemistry for all your hair care services. Visit the Chemistry Hair Studio website, here.