Bleu Tangerine Salon & Day Spa

Bleu Tangerine Salon & Day Spa opened, December 2009, in a new building in Hampstead, New Hampshire. Owned by David & Carol MacLeod, they are located at 416 Emerson Ave, unit 9, Hampstead, NH 03873. Bleu Tangerine stocks the full range of ARROJO products.
Question: First, please tell us about yourselves and your reasons for joining the ARROJO Ambassadors Program?
David MacLeod: We opened Bleu Tangerine in December of 2009 in Hampstead, New Hampshire. It is owned by my wife, Carol MacLeod, and I. Carol is the creative mastermind behind the day to day operations of the salon –– recruiting, training, layout, retail, ordering, scheduling, providing services. As a partner and co-owner, I function as the operations manager, handling the behind the scenes support roles –– engineering, design, equipment, systems, maintenance, finance, marketing. We work together on salon expansion, growth, and future acquisitions.
As a relatively new salon, we were searching for a partnership with a company with the best education, products, and philosophy. Our 2011 trip to IBS NYC allowed our team to explore the opportunities and narrow our search. We were focused on finding professionalism, education, energy, vision, and passion. We were truly inspired by ARROJO so we attended more ARROJO events. It became clear this was the partnership we wanted. The products are fantastic; the commitment to education is unbelievable; and ARROJO is genuine when they say they will support and mentor salons that want growth and prosperity.
As business owners in a tough economy, how do you ensure growth and success?
DM: We have a beautiful, contemporary salon and spa with custom-built amenities that complement the space, like lighting, color, audio/video, and accent pieces. It adds to the experience, gives the client the feeling of elegance and excitement. How the client feels is critical to salon success and we believe that supplying the best training, equipment, facility, and products to our employees regardless of cost is the key to growth. We believe clients want more than a haircut – they want an experience and are willing to pay for it. It is our responsibility to make a memorable experience. 
We also work on building great relationships, associations and alliances with industry leaders for business guidance, so they may help us as we grow. A great example is our relationship with Nick Arrojo. Becoming an Ambassador allows us to lean on his expertise. 
Carol, as a hairdresser, what do you think makes a great salon?
Carol MacLeod: First, a salon must be driven by a vision of greatness that separates it from the competition. In a great salon the owners value their staff. We believe that a team with contagious enthusiasm and positive energy is important. We encourage a team atmosphere to ensure support for one another and the best experience for our clients. Exposure to the best education and products is another key component if you want a jump on the competition. A great salon never settles, rather, it strives to achieve more for clients.
And what inspired you to make the leap from stylist to salon owner? 
CM: I enjoy studying all aspects of business and wanted to experience it for myself. Making a difference in how people feel about themselves is the best gift a hairstylist can give their clients. As the owner of my salon I have the opportunity to influence the happiness of every client that walks through the door. Sharing, educating, training team members so they can make a positive impact on clients is my priority. Seeing the work of my team is a great feeling of accomplishment. I have a lot of drive and I work hard in making my salon successful.
How are you are your team finding ARROJO products?
CM: On product quality and price, from stylists and clients, I have only heard positive feedback. I’ve noticed a lot more energy, excitement, and enthusiasm from the stylists and I believe it’s because they are working with a product line that they believe in and can recommend truthfully. I think the stylists also realize that the relationship with ARROJO facilitates access to amazing education, and opportunities that simply wouldn’t be found anywhere else.
Finally, we know your business is going from strength to strength and is about to expand. Can you tell us a little about it?
Carol & David Macleod: Yes, we are striving to elevate the client experience. As such, we have just completed our architectural plans for the expansion of the salon and we are negotiating with contractors and suppliers. We will be doubling our size to over 4,000 square feet and have set a tentative grand opening for approximately six months from now. Don’t worry –– ARROJO is invited to the launch party!
Bleu Tangerine Salon & Day Spa opened, December 2009, in a new building in Hampstead, New Hampshire. Owned by David & Carol MacLeod, they are located at 416 Emerson Ave, unit 9, Hampstead, NH 03873. Bleu Tangerine stocks the full range of ARROJO products.
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