ARROJO Arrives at Artkiteks 
Owned by Jeff Stump, acclaimed stylist and educator, Artkiteks Hair Studio in Costa Mesa, California is renowned for creating signature styles and aesthetics. Adopting a bespoke blend of classic and progressive hairdressing techniques and taking inspiration from art, fashion, and architecture in order to create something unique, their team strive to push hair cutting and coloring to its apotheosis. Since becoming an Ambassador, Jeff has employed our culture to put a greater focus on product sales and enjoyed tremendous success. We caught up with Jeff to find our more about Artkiteks. . .  
Jeff, tell us about Artkiteks. . . 
In 2012 I decided to make my dream a reality. I wanted to take the hair industry by storm by creating my own brand, “Artkiteks," which represents the perfect blend of art and architecture. Our catchphrase is: Strength. Functionality and Aesthetics. It’s how we approach every hairstyle. 
How many stylists do you employ? 

I have four rental stylists, five stylists employed by Artkiteks, two assistants and two receptionists. It’s a great team; we are committed to constant evolution in order to bring truth to our work and maintain our principle fundamentals.
What has been your greatest achievement within your business?
I feel my greatest achievement at Artkiteks has been overcoming and letting go of the micro managing and learning how to streamline all aspects of the business, like reception, assisting, etc. Getting all the day to day operations written down on paper into "standard operating procedure” was a huge step for us. I feel that when you put it on paper there is no room for error.
What do you enjoy about being part of the ARROJO Ambassador Program? 
The quality and quantity of the education, seminars and shows is peerless. Going to the Happy Mondays are always a lot of fun. I was fortunate enough to work on stage with Nick Arrojo at an ARROJO Exposé event in LA in 2015 and that was such a cool moment in my life and career. It was also very informative to see how the bigger shows are organized. To see both sides –– how to create an inspirational hair concept while managing a big show really helped me in my business. It's all in what you want to get out of it. 
Taking classes at the ARROJO Academy in New York is another great benefit of the program. It is a serious operation and such a cool thing to do; I highly recommend it. 
I’m also happy about ARROJO getting out to the West Coast a lot. One of my favorite events was the ARROJO West Coast Summit. It was all about the numbers and the commission scale; it was a crazy eye opener and really got me focused on the salon numbers and working on individual goals. This has increased product sales tremendously. 
Artkiteks is located at 765 Saint Clair St Costa Mesa CA. 92626. If you are in the area, we highly recommend them for all your hair care services. Visit their website, here.