Artisan Hair 
Artisan Hair is a boutique full-service salon offering modern creative cuts, colors and styles to the good people of Cary, North Carolina. Bringing a luxurious beauty experience to Alston Town Center, Artisan Hair is building a fine reputation in their community, distinguishing itself through a sumptuous space, a warm and friendly atmosphere and exceptional service that ensures clientele exit the salon looking and feeling beautiful. Since taking on ARROJO Product, the tight-knit team have enjoyed inspiration, growth and success. We caught up with salon owner Robert Schutzback and Salon Co-ordinator Melissa Remer to see how things are going in 2017. 
Rob & Melissa, please tell us about Artisan Hair 
We are a new luxury salon, so we are bringing something different to our community, which is exciting. We have two stylists, Rob and Reina, and Melissa coordinates day to day operations. It’s a small but passionate and committed team. Together we ensure the quality of the experience reaches much further than customer expectation. From the moment a customer walks in the salon to the moment they leave, we ensure a grade-A experience.
Artisan carries the complete ARROJO Product Line, which is a huge commitment for a boutique salon. Can you tell us what ARROJO brings to your business? 
Using ARROJO product gives us the clarity our customer will be walking away happy, and with healthy hair. We encourage our customers to not only have the ARROJO experience in the salon, but to take it home. Recommending products while giving a few usage tips means that we can educate our clients to recreate that salon look. That’s good for the client and good for us because when your hair looks great, somebody always says, “Where did you get your hair cut?” 
What other benefits do you find by partnering with ARROJO? 
As a stylist, the quality and quantity of education ARROJO offers to its Ambassadors is truly unique. We were able to attend the ARROJO Exposé show in Raleigh, which was an amazing experience. We got to see exciting trends and techniques in cut, color and texture, and that’s something we can pass on to our clientele. 
With our product purchases being turned into Rewards Dollars that earn us complimentary education, I was also able to attend the 5-day Razor-Craft seminar at ARROJO Academy. Pioneering a series of techniques to use with the straight-edge blade is one of the things that sets Nick apart; now we have been able to adopt these techniques to become a trendsetting salon in our own right. 
What’s the plan for New Year? 
To give our clients the customized hair experience they are looking for; and to continue to grow with ARROJO! 
If you live, work, or travel in Cary, NC, we highly recommend Artisan Hair for all your hair care services. Visit their Website, here.