1. Asymmetry
  2. Disconnection
  3. Undercut
Trend Volume 1 DVD

Featuring techniques and inspiration from ARROJO razor masters, Trend Volume 1 showcases three razor-cuts that are at the cutting edge of fashion, trend, and style. The DVD teaches you how to successfully cut asymmetrical shapes, create deconstructed lines that redefine texture and proportion, and form graphically undercut styles.


Learn the art of round graduation; understand how to use layers to create an interlocking shape; and see how to shift structure for a flowing asymmetrical line. Presented by Lina Arrojo.


Learn how to create disconnected layers; understand the principles of horizontal graduation; and ascertain how to blend into the perimeter for a flowing, short to long cut. Presented by Amanda Jenkins.


Learn to use short, tight razoring for deconstructed textures; understand how to shape a modern asymmetrical look; and create flow, feel, and movement in your own razor work. Presented by Nick Arrojo.