1. Classic Long Square Layer
  2. Mens Classic Tight Graduation
  3. Short Layer with Scissor over Comb
Men's Classic Scissor Cutting Volume 1 DVD


In this men’s classic scissor cutting DVD, Nick Arrojo opens the door to the elementary principles of successful hairdressing for men. With skills developed and practiced at ARROJO, this is the foundation for contemporary and cool men’s cuts, and provides a platform to improve all masculine styling, from timeless cuts to avante-garde looks.
These three scissor-cutting techniques are part of our in-house apprentice training curriculum, and are the basis of the craftsmanship and creative versatility required to be a master men’s hair cutter. A unique collection offering the inside track on ARROJO’s approach to modern and creative, precision-based hairstyling.
All cuts presented by hairdressing pioneer, Nick Arrojo.
Classic Long Square Layer

Learn to create a longer, masculine square shape. Comprehend how to cut a definitive outline, then how to layer to that outline, and then how to customize the shape of the cut with disconnection through the top. Use Nick’s ‘square-shoe’ sectioning pattern for control and flexibility, and a perfectly balanced masculine look. Presented by Nick Arrojo.

Mens Classic Tight Graduation

Master the art of disconnection to blend graduations visually, technically, and weightlessly. Learn to create sharp, defined undercut graduations, whilst retaining length on the top, enabling classic or loose and textured styling options. Presented by Nick Arrojo.

Short Layer with Scissor over Comb

Learn to create perfectly square shape through the sides and back to retain masculinity. Master tight, finger-length style with precise application. Understand how to tailor the haircut with scissor over comb for a sharp, contemporary feel. Become proficient at the finishing techniques that refine, polish, and modernize this classic cut. Presented by Nick Arrojo.