1. Classic Collar Length Rounded Layer
  2. Classic Long Layer
  3. Classic Square Layer
Classics: Volume 3: Layering

In the classics series of DVDs Nick Arrojo presents all cuts and unlocks the fundamentals of successful hairdressing. These skills, developed and practiced at ARROJO, explore geometric yet organic shape and form the backbone of high-quality, modernist hairdressing. They provide the foundation to improve all your cuts, from the most simple, to the most creative. Classics Volume 3 covers layering and offers the inside track on ARROJO’s world-renowned approach to modern and creative, precision-based hairstyling.

Classic Collar Length Rounded Layer

Learn how to faultlessly execute this geometric and structured shape whilst retaining the stunning outline of a perfectly balanced layered look. Presented by Nick Arrojo

Classic Long Layer

A classic cut, supplemented with classic technique. Learn the right approach to layering from the front to create maximum face-framing shape, whilst retaining weight and structure through the back. Presented by Nick Arrojo.

Classic Square Layer

This classic cut is the foundation of a successful layering technique. Learn how to effectively build weight, and learn the right technique for working the shape of the cut against the shape of the head. Presented by Nick Arrojo.