O2 Salon  
Opened in 2008 by owner and stylist Jaye Leigh, O2 Salon in Portland in Maine promotes a holistic approach to beauty in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. Despite opening in the midst of the financial crisis of 2008, the salon has grown from 4 to 11 stylists and is renowned throughout the community for its warm and welcoming environment and culture of excellence. After more than three years as an ARROJO Ambassador Salon, we caught up with Jaye to see how things are going in historic Portland.  
Jaye, tell us about the culture of O2 Salon. 
At O2 Salon, we love hair. We study the latest trends, and are inspired by the looks of the fashion history. We are committed to continuing education for all our stylists. We hold classes in the salon, and send stylists to advanced programs at Sassoon Academy, ARROJO Advanced Academy, Goldwell, and more. Our salon is located in the heart of Portland’s Arts District at the busiest intersection in town. Our space is sunny and bright, the vibe friendly and relaxed. Everybody’s welcome! 
What do you consider your greatest achievement in business? 
O2 opened in the middle of the depression of 2008. But we were never deterred and have continued to grow our reputation, client base, and number of stylists.  
Without a doubt, my greatest business achievements is this steady growth of my salon and my incredible team of passionate stylists. 
What do you think has contributed to this success? 
In-salon education is a priority for me, as I want to work with people who embrace growth and change. I believe that our commitment to continued learning has helped our service standards, which in turn helps to create success. I recently made one of my top stylists Director of Education, which will allow for expansion of this aspect of the business and keep O2 ahead of the curve in the competitive Greater Portland market.
Was it the education culture which drew you to the ARROJO Ambassador Program?
Yes, initially. I was originally trained at Sassoon Academy in London, so naturally, when I heard about Nick, his heritage at Sassoon’s, and the ARROJO Advanced Academy in New York, I was thrilled. But when we tried the products we realized they were perfect for our team, and our clientele. The products are versatile and creative to work with and have become a part of the story or success at O2. 
How else has the ARROJO Ambassador Program added value to your business? 
One of the best and most exciting things to happen to us as an Ambassador is becoming American Wave practitioners. When the product and service were launched I immediately felt like it was a trend that would take of; we became the first salon to take an In-Salon Certification, so our whole team offers the service. The ARROJO team embraces different kinds of textures and has so much knowledge about creating and styling wavy and curly hair in the contemporary fashion. We’ve jumped on board and made modern creative textures trend in Portland! 
Is there anything else you’d like to say? 
When I went to EXPO at the new facility, I felt so happy for Nick, and was in awe at what he has been able to achieve while always putting hairdressers first. As a team, O2 is so grateful to be a part of this amazing community of professional stylists. 
Recent winner of the "Best of Portland” Award in the Salon Category, O2 Salon is located at 605 Congress St., Portland, Maine. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend them for all your hair care services. Visit their website, here
Photography: Savannah Daras // www.savannahdaras.com