Lots of Moxie 
Flagship Ambassador, Moxie in Minneapolis, continue to go from strength to strength as one of our key partners, leading to the opening of their second location. Here we catch up with Stephen Adams, co-owner of Moxie Grand Salon and Shaired Space, to discover the secret of their success. 
Stephen, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you tell us about your brand? 
Moxie Hair Salon opened in 1999 and Shairedspace opened in 2017. Moxie has more than 20 stylists and staff; Moxie Shaired Space has 3 stylists. Stylistically, the salons have a similar feeling –– modern and minimal with a classic twist.
The opening of your second location emphasizes how successful you have been. To what do you attribute your success? 
Growth and success comes from many avenues; as an owner it is my job to lead the team and coach them to be and do their best. Building a career pathway for each staff member and showing them how they can grow and get to where they want to be is a powerful tool for success. 
Describe your approach to team building, and explain the advantages of having a for strong team ethic in your salon business. 
Leadership by example is how to build a team. Help with all jobs that you would ask your team to do. Get your team to enjoy each other’s company, host events, staff get togethers, and educational events that bring them together. Those who learn and play together, stay together. 
So you do your own education? 
Yes, we have an educational system that all staff must master. The training team meets twice a week and the program ranges from 6-24 months, depending on the stylist. We also host Social Sunday events that invite guest artists from the area to do demos. We work with our color company and have them come in four times a year too.  We also have an annual 2 day Summit –– two days of culture building and personal development. You have to keep learning and growing.   
We love your salon name –– Moxie. How did you come upon it? 
Moxie means energy, excitement, knowledge, skill, courage, and determination. It depicts a place for people to take risks and be themselves. It represents our brand. 
When did you start hairdressing? Why? 
28 years ago. My first mentor, Harry Nick, found me in a coffee shop; he convinced me to come to the salon to hang out. I was inspired by the excitement and energy. I took a job on the front desk, soon to realize I wanted to do hair. I started out as an apprentice; then Harry helped me get into school. From there, it’s been a rush.
What inspired you to be your own salon owner? 
I always found ways to make money with a creative entrepreneurial mind. As I grew as a stylist at Horst Salons in Minneapolis, I had reached my goals, from teaching the staff, traveling as an educator, etc. I felt the entrepreneurial spirit once again; I wanted to open up my own salon, built on my own beliefs.     
What are the biggest challenges of being a salon owner? 
Finding great staff, training them, and keeping them for the long haul. This all comes down to having a great culture and a strong brand that supports this culture.   
What are the most rewarding parts of being a salon owner? 
I love seeing the development of my team. From hiring out of school to seeing growth as a stylist to becoming an expert of the craft and making more money than they thought possible, nothing makes me feel better than watching one of my team members grow.
Why did you decide to join the Ambassador Program? 
Relationships. I want to have a personal relationship with those that we work with. I also love the education that Nick and his team offer, not only to Ambassadors, but to anyone. 
How has the education from ARROJO helped your business, your staff, and your clients? 
Consistency is key for clients; education gives us the ability to repeat and understand how and why we are doing a color or cut. Without education we stagnate. ARROJO education helps us improve everyday, from watching the DVDs to going to all the events and taking hands-on seminars. 
How does ARROJO education differ from any other external education you and your team have taken in the past? 
Simply put it is fun, organized, concise, consistent, effective, and inspirational. 
What do you like about ARROJO product? What is the attraction? 
It’s a simple, clean, affordable, high-performance professional line that can be bought directly from ARROJO. Working with one product line also helps us stay focused on retail sales and the reward of continued education from Nick and his team. Our clients love the products. They are easy to use and understand, which helps clients recreate that salon look. It’s a great relationship. 
You were also one of the first salons to carry new American Wave Hair Care from ARROJO. How is the American Wave line fitting into your salon? 
The packaging is great. It looks amazing on the shelves, very high end. It’s great to have specialized products for curly hair. Our clients love the luxury of the American Wave products, they have a great ingredient story. 
Moxie Salon is located at Grand Ave. St Paul, MN. Shaired Space is located at Hwy7 St Louis Park, MN. If you are in the area, we highly recommend either location for all your hair care services. Visit their website, here, and follow @stephenadamshair, @moxiehairsalon, and @shairedspace for the latest updates.