As an ARROJO Ambassador Intrigue Atlanta Steps to the Top
In 2010, Intrigue Atlanta, an award-winning business, took a new direction. The former Aveda Concept Salon with a stellar reputation became the first Flagship Ambassador, meaning that they would exclusively carry ARROJO products. For that commitment to us, we promised an advanced education program, and brand building support, to help their company grow. Today we catch up with salon owner, Jeff South, to talk about their success story...
What are the benefits of partnering with ARROJO? How has becoming our first Flagship Ambassador helped you to increase success at Intrigue?
Partnering with ARROJO is a landmark moment in our twenty-year history. We became the first Flagship Ambassador because we relate to a business built and run by a working hairstylist. The confidence, culture, and credibility of the company is unsurpassed by anyone we’ve worked with. ARROJO strengthens our identity, and helps us to attract the best staff.  
It seems like you’ve also become a hub of education and inspiration for all professionals in the area. Tell us about “Club Intrigue” and how ARROJO influenced your decision to take up this mantle.
Educating the team is a core principle at Intrigue. But ARROJO gives more focus to our educational vision. When Nick did Happy Mondays here the response was  amazing; it inspired us to host our own education, to show the community what we can do. Now we offer cut and color classes, along with “Club Intrigue,” a two hour presentation that is free to all professionals. The concept is Stylists Educating Stylists. Now we are renowned for education in Atlanta. You can find out more on
It’s great to hear about you using education as a tool to connect, inspire, and to grow at the same time. How is ARROJO a part of it?
We use ARROJO’s online subscription service, which is a great way to access education anytime, anywhere. Most valuably, however, the benefits of the Ambassador Program ‘earns’ us free education. The quality of our work has increased exponentially since 2010; it is a result of the extensive education we receive. Nick also invited our stylists to cut on stage and assist ARROJO with their shows. Aside from the kudos and the confidence this gives my team, we’ve also made positive relationships with other Ambassadors, creating new outlets for sharing information, expanding knowledge. ARROJO is helping us grow at an amazing rate.
It’s great to hear about the positivity in this relationship, yet you’ve been a successful salon owner for 20 years. What is the philosophy that facilitates  your success?
I don’t worry about building a client base. I prefer to focus on doing the right things, which to me is having a great salon in a great location with great staff. If those elements are right, clients will come. The way you treat people is paramount, too. You must keep stylists happy and productive in their work. Most importantly, education is a constant here at Intrigue. We are always looking to grow as individuals, and as a team. 
What are some ways you encourage retail growth at Intrigue? What advice do you have for salon owners looking to grow this side of their business?
Motivation is a major part of retail success. We offer bonuses and contests that generate excitement about sales. We’ve given gift cards to stylists so they can offer discounts to clients. This shows our confidence in the product and encourages clients to try something new. We let customers know that product sales go towards education credits with ARROJO, so our stylists can continue to improve. When applying product to a guest’s hair, I always say: “I use this because...” so they understand why the product is great for them.
Finally, tell me about your participation at the ARROJO Success Symposium
It was an honor to take the platform to talk to a room full of business-leaders at the Success Symposium. It’s another example of the value of this partnership. I spoke about Intrigue’s “Upgrade Program.” We live in an upgrade-available world; we brought this idea into the salon environment. It’s about stylists being confident enough to charge for additional color services (upgrades) that previously may not have been added to the service ticket. It’s a great success. Through my relationship with ARROJO and Goldwell we are able to share this message nationally, which raises our profile, and brings the industry’s interest on to my business.