The World’s Most Iconic HairDryer, In Signature ARROJO White

The Twin Turbo 3800 hairdryer dries and controls tresses from Massachusetts to Mumbai. The power, different air flow speeds, and variety of temperature setting make it perfect for the professional. Meanwhile, the ergonomic design, size, silencer, and exceptional versatility means that women and girls around the world keep it by their vanity tables. 


So when we decided we wanted a new, ARROJO-branded tool for our clients and staff, it had to be the world’s best blowdryer, in exclusive ARROJO white. 


“We love this dryer for many reasons,” says Nick Arrojo. “With four heat settings it tames all hair textures, from baby fine to coarse. It cuts drying time in half, and works just as well for the professional or the consumer.” 















Here are some other key benefits of the ARROJO Twin Trubo dryer: 


  • Professional power, yet remains lightweight and easy to handle
  • Two speeds, four temperatures, and a cold air microswitch to set hair quick as a flash 
  • Comes with a three meter long cable and two unbreakable nozzles 
  • Features a built in silencer 
  • It’s ionic and ceramic. Ions make hair shinier, smoother, softer, easy to shape and control. The ceramic heater maintains an even heat that never gets too hot. 
  • Made with recyclable materials. No harmful emissions. Ozone friendly. 
  • This ARROJO branded and white edition of the 3800 is exclusive to ARROJO. 


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