Save Your Color This Spring

ARROJO Williamsburg Team Leader, Master Colorist & Texture Specialist, Zach Norman was recently featured in this month’s issue of Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide for his hot take on hot hues.
“Women want to stand out in 2017. Instead of golden blonde, make it champagne blonde or go for a smoky brunette instead of basic brown. Light-golden blonde is making a comeback after all the icy matte tones we saw last year,” Zach said. “In 2017, brunettes are playing with smoky tones from graphite to charcoal. For red, [we are] lightening up our fiery redheads to more of a rose-copper color. As far as fantasy tones go, green is being played and pushed further, from soft seafoam to dark forest green and everything in between. Add a more lived-in look to your foil highlights with a root shadow at base.”
When changing up your hair color this spring, you'll need a color saving shampoo to really make your color stay fab! 

For anyone with applied hair color, color save helps to get the most bang for your buck. It locks in vibrancy, preserves shine, meaning color lasts longer. 
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