For hairdressers in NYC for the hair show weekend, ARROJO presents American Wave Exposé: Trend Discovery 2018. This inspirational 1-hour show features trends & techniques from our trailblazing Kinesis collection. See our new 'brick-laying' technique for greater expansion as we continue to pioneer new ways to create modern movement, wave & curl. Each guest also gets a goody bag!  
American Wave Exposé: Trend Discovery 2018 
Sunday, March 4
ARROJO Tribeca Theatre 
200 Hudson St. NYC 10013 
“The principle of movement was our key inspiration for Kinesis, our new American Wave collection,” says Tina Le Noble, ARROJO SoHo stylist and texture specialist. “Lots of girls want to flip their hair around, and not only when the style is long. Playful short shapes are happening. With our new American Wave wrapping and styling techniques, we’re making hairstyles look frisky, perky, active. We can't wait to share these ideas at the Texture Summit.” 
American Wave Exposé: Be a Part of Trend Discovery 2018