Are you a salon owner or stylist who wants to join our culture, gain access to our world-class education and product line? As an independent brand committed to positive relationships, applying is easy. Just start the conversation, and lets see where we go. To talk, please call Gordon Nelson on 212 242 7786 ext 216. Below you can find some reasons to join us, from pioneers of hairdressing business and craft... 
“My dream is to supply education, inspiration, and great products to hairdressers like me. To build close relationships. To mentor and support. To share success. To fulfill the potential of salon owners and stylists. To show the way to more clients, more referrals, more retail, and growth. To change the industry by putting the power into the hands of the hairdresser. So I created the ARROJO Ambassador Program. It’s different to a typical distribution model, and not just because we go direct to salon. It’s different because we care about the salon owner, the stylists, and the craft. It’s different because your success is our success is the industry’s success. It’s different because working with us is not about putting a product on the shelf, it’s about putting a winning culture into your salon.” –– Nick Arrojo 
“Every era has a shining light. In every age a leader emerges who takes responsibility for driving positive change in the industry. For this generation, it’s Nick Arrojo and his eponymous brand. With a salon, school, academy, product line, and the Ambassadors Program, he is in position to influence the future because his work touches so many. Rather than shirk, he embraces the responsibility. His commitment is always to craft, and to hairdressers. With collaborations with Empire and Regis, I’ve seen the power of his promise. Kudos to Nick and his incredible team –– it’s refreshing to see a culture of craft and creativity, reward and success fearlessly taken to the hearts and minds of hairdressers.” –– Gordon Nelson (Former International Creative Director & Current Consultant, Regis Corp.)
“As an Ambassador, I feel plugged in to a network of ambitious salon owners who come together to share success, and to celebrate hairdressing.” –– Richard Daily, Richard Salon Owner & ARROJO Ambassador 
“When stylists come back to the salon after attending a class at ARROJO, they are not only more technically precise, creative and inspired, they are also more productive. We see increases in retail sales and service dollars; it has a positive effect on our whole business." –– Diana Everline, Headlines Salon Owner & ARROJO Ambassador
“It is so clear that these products are designed by hairdressers, and I love that. It’s about performance, not gimmicks. I can mix, layer, and cocktail to create customized finishes that my clients love.”  –– Adam Federico, AJF Salon Owner & ARROJO Ambassador 
ARROJO Ambassadors: Be A Part Of It 
To talk, please call Gordon Nelson on 212 242 7786 ext 216. Or email