Flying in a company of stylists, conceptualizing new trends and techniques, shipping a 1000-square foot trade booth and the products and tools to stock it –– we go live and direct to America’s best hair and beauty shows to bring our ideas to the hairdressing community. The first stop of 2013 was ISSE, Long Beach, California. 
On Center Stage, Nick Arrojo and his master team produce a trailblazing master jam; a prism to see the latest concepts coming from world-class artists. In a high-octane runway presentation, delivered to a packed auditorium, our peers see the premiere of the new American Color Wave, blended with the coolest cuts and latest looks from New York’s bricolage of multi-textured and polychromatic styles. 
Also on stage, three ARROJO Ambassadors. Adam Federico, AJF; David Gatt, Square Root; and Brian Bode, Oya are virtuoso stylists in their own right. Each is a also a success story of the ARROJO Ambassador Program, and a part of our style council, which brings together a group of creative stylists to regularly brainstorm ideas for inventing new cuts, colors, and style. So as well as education and inspiration, they were also able to bring insight to our culture of excellence and integrity, craft and creativity, reward and success.
Always committed to education, we also took to the classroom. Focused on combining American Wave trends and techniques with contemporary and creative cuts, the seminar, facilitated by the boundless energy of Nick, shows stylists from across the globe our path to creating styles with organic volume, texture, and movement. 
Continuing the theme at the ARROJO trade booth, our master stylists exhibited the world-renowned techniques developed and practiced at our award-winning studio –– giving show-goers a closeup look of the innovative and original techniques used in the main-stage show. 
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Want to see us at a show? Visit us at ARROJO Expo Chicago.  
Or at the International Beauty Show, Jacob Javits Center, New York, April 14-16.
Photos: Randy Taylor