Hip hair hurray, today is the 13th birthday of brand ARROJO. From a six chair salon with a dream to be the best we have grown into America’s preeminent independent hairdressing brand by doing things our way. Join us as we raise a glass to our past, present, and (very exciting) future... 
“Today we celebrate our wonderful journey,” says Nick Arrojo.“In 2001 I opened ARROJO studio with just $25,000 of my own money and four stylists, so it’s amazing to think about the progress and imprint we’ve made. From the salon to the school to the products and the advanced education, we are recognized globally for our excellence, integrity, and advancement of hairdressing. We are proud of what we’ve done, especially because we remain wholly independent but, really, we’ve just begun. The most exciting times are still to come and, as always, it is our wonderful team ethic that will drive us forward.” 
Nick is hinting at the future. Like all teenagers, ARROJO is about to have a growth spurt. 
“Yesterday was a big day,” continues Nick. “I signed two new leases on two new New York City spaces for ARROJO. It’s time to grow and it seems fitting that it is thirteen years ago when I signed the first lease for ARROJO. Thirteen is lucky for some; it’s lucky for us, for sure.” 
The two new spaces complement the original ARROJO studio. 
ARROJO Studio Tribeca gives us a footprint in one of the most desirable and affluent neighborhoods in the world. Yet the out-of-this-world 12,500 square foot space that we are inhabiting is a lot more than a footprint, it’s an educational facility befitting our identity as the education brand. 
The location includes a window front boutique salon suited to hip clientele. It is, however, the belly of the space that is most exciting. Behind the salon, there is a lecture theater (complete with 75 cinema seats), a show stage and auditorium, student clinic floor, and several amazing classrooms.  We are currently fitting it out to be America’s most advanced and inspirational hairdressing education facility, inclusive of a cosmetology school, advanced education academy, and a center for filming and live streaming educational classes, so professionals from all over the world can connect to our education in real time. 
ARROJO Studio Williamsburg gives us a salon space and creative media center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Perhaps the hippest of all New York City neighborhoods, and an influential hub of arts, media, and culture with a young and prosperous community, we’re putting a 20-chair salon on Broadway; right by the water and close to the Williamsburg Bridge, it’s hard to imagine a more iconic location for taking ARROJO beyond Manhattan. 
“Williamsburg is an incredible, almost unbelievable space and location for us,” says Nick. “Manhattan has always been the place for the Mega Salon, whereas Brooklyn has a more bohemian feel. But it has grown and grown, and become a capital of fashion and trend in its own right. We feel our culture, standards, and aesthetics are perfect for the people and the lifestyle there. I plan to spend a lot of time over the water –– Brooklyn is such a youthful and inspirational place that I want to be around it, to make sure I’m on the pulse!” 
Happy Birthday ARROJO! What will the next thirteen years bring?! 
PS: We know we wouldn’t be there without the support of so many clients, professionals, and friends supporting and helping us along the way.