Spring Break brings fun and frolicking by the beach. Your hairstyle should complement this laid-back vibe. Beach waves –– a textural wave cascade that begins about halfway down the hair shaft –– continue to be the most sought-after style for the bohemian feeling, and the style is perfect for your early season getaway. The trick is to get strands to spiral into tumbles of texture, offering romantic tousle and a great way to spotlight colorful effects in your style. This look doesn’t need to be too perfect, so it’s also super easy to achieve. Here’s out styling tips...  
Step: For styling, cocktail cream whip with curl enhancer, Using a nickel-size of each. Apply roots to ends of damp, towel-dried hair.
Step: Working from roots to mid-lengths, blowdry with flat paddle brush. Keep hair at the crown flat to the head.
Step: On the bottom half of hair shaft, take small sections and wrap and twist around two or three fingers. Hold onto these twists and, one by one, blow-dry them up and down with the nozzle of the dryer always pointing down. This creates soft cascades. 
Step: If you need a more defined wave, add a few drops of shine luxe oil to side-sections and, a few strands at a time, wind hair onto curling iron or wand. Hold, then release. Repeat anywhere wavy definition is needed or desired.
Step: Tousle and play with the shape with fingers. Mist with refinish dry shampoo to instantly amp up texture and volume. Alternatively, use healing oil for sultry shine and playful softness. 
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