In the fast-paced, busy-working lives of today, ladies who lunch have been superseded by babes that brunch. There’s a certain aesthetic difference in these two dates. Luncheons feel formal, a time to look primed and polished in the straight-laced style. Brunch feels chic yet relaxed, casual and sexy, lighthearted and laid-back. So how does one wear their hair to capture the essence of this contemporary pastime? Using ARROJO product, here’s an easy how-to that anyone can do...
The quintessential spirit of a brunch date hairstyle is ‘perfectly imperfect,’ so the focus should be on creating loose, flowing, natural textures that look like you just rolled out of bed yet still look fab. This is good news as it means your styling need never be too perfect.
STEP 1: To begin, towel-dry hair and mist with protective thickening lotion to shield against the heat of the blow-dry while adding natural-looking body. Add a few pumps of cream whip, working through hair from roots to ends. Cream whip adds moisture and shine and will encourage loose, casual waves.
STEP 2: Blow-dry hair while using hands to tousle the shape. Lift hair off the root, twist, spiral, and scrunch as you apply heat, thus putting natural volume and cascading texture into the style.
STEP 3: Once dry, shake out hair and push into a loose and casual shape you like. Finish with healing oil to add sultriness and shine.
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