PrIMP Your Ride with New Working Spray

With its latest product, ARROJO brings back bling. Great for layering into hair to creatively add body, texture, and grip PrIMP working spray is flash and panache in an aerosol can. It makes hair amazingly responsive to heat-tool styling and protects hair from the elements. 


“Some of my stylists talked to me about a product to use on set, on the runways, at seminars and shows,” says Nick Arrojo. “We wanted something that would dry fast, shield against humidity, and provide hold that always stays malleable –– so we can change looks on the fly. It’s already become a favorite of my team. As the name suggests, it works best when you primp and coif and play with the shape. Use it to encourage texture, build bulk, add control. Makes hairstyling creative and fun.” 






Key Features & Benefits: 


-- Wild Geranium: Conditions, Calms, Fights Humidity 


-- Lemongrass: Strengthens, Smoothes, Shines 


-- Aloe Vera: Moisturizing Emollient 


For best results, spray into hair from 8-10 inches away and use with hot-tools for a variety of styling options. You can also mist a light film over any finished look as a perfect humidity defense shield. 


Available at ARROJO studio, our online store and at ARROJO Ambassador Salons nationwide.