New Videos Added to Online Subscription

ARROJO subscription is designed to give increased convenience and affordability to hairdressers who want education in the palms of their hands. With a variety of cut, color, and styling skills from our groundbreaking DVDs, as well as exclusive new techniques added to the site every month, subscription makes our gamut of education available on mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad for $30 a month. 
Presented by Nick Arrojo and ARROJO master stylists, each video looks at a different aspect of successful, contemporary hairdressing. Some explore classic scissor cutting, some the latest trends in cut and color, while others focus on basic or advanced razor-cutting practices. All feature world-renowned techniques developed at ARROJO; all can be used to improve the range of stylists’ work on the salon floor; all underpin our approach to modern and creative, precision-based hairdressing. Over the past months, three cutting-edge videos have been added to the roster. 
Presented by Carmel Lawless, Counter Part 2 is a combination cut blending the structure of scissor-cutting with the softness and fluidity of razor-cutting. Featuring instruction on customizing the angle of the blade according to hair texture, this is a great technique to share with fashion-forward clients who want a creative edge.
Presented by Crystal Gerard, Razor Bob Variation offers a creative alternative to a classic razor-cut bob. Using the straightedge blade to create space, remove bulk, add texture this commercial, client-friendly cut offers lightness, swing and movement to modern interpretations of the bob.
Presented by pioneer of modern razor-cutting, Nick Arrojo, Classic Combination leads the modern trend towards cuts that blend the benefits of scissor and razor. Using a combination of the two tools, Nick shows how to tailor a smooth, even cut whilst retaining length, so one may create balanced layers in textured hair. ARROJO subscription creates a unique and affordable experience, and the easiest path to inspirational, career-shaping education. To watch free preview videos, get more info, or subscribe visit: www.arrojoeducation/onlineeducation.