Modern Salon’s 913K IG Followers Deem ReFresh Dry Conditioner A Favorite

If you haven’t jumped on the Dry Conditioner train yet- it’s time to hop on! Great for reviving a daytwo, three, or –four blowout, silken hair before styling and flight static and flyaways to keep your color & style looking sharp. 
Modern Salon turned to their Instagram followers- yep, all 913,000 of them- to find out what their favorite dry conditioners were. ARROJO’s ReFresh won a seat at the favorite table.  
LA Stylist & Influencer Hair&LashLady quotes: “ARROJO ReFresh dry conditioner is amazing! Thermal protectant helps with static and flyaways and it’s very light yet moisturizing!”
What Makes ReFRESH Dry Conditioner So Special?
Hydrolyzed Keratin: Improves texture and shine, bonds to and restores damaged hair, softens and conditions. 

Panthenol: Provides softness, strength and shine without weighing hair down.

Vitamin E: An anti-oxidant that protects against free radical damage, and keeps hair looking shiny, healthy, and feeling soft. 

Directions: Shake then spray generously from mid-lengths to ends. Lightly brush or finger-comb for irresistibly touchable locks.

Tip: Use in conjunction with ReFINISH dry shampoo. ReFRESH adds velvety softness, silk & shine from mid-lengths to ends, where ReFINISH adds volume and texture to the root areas and the crown.