Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

As many of you will know, ARROJO studio was forced to close for a week due to the affects of hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, we are now back up and running, but many of our clients, friends and employees have not been so lucky, with many losing their possessions, or even their homes. 
We want to do our bit to help those who have suffered the most. So, for the entire month of November, we are donating proceeds from in-salon ARROJO product purchases to
On all regular size products purchased during November, we will donate either $2, $3, or $5 per product (depending on its retail price).
On purchases of liter size daily, color save, moisturizing, or gentle shampoos and/or conditioners, we will donate $7; and on purchases of liter size Shine LUXE shampoo and conditioner we will donate $10.
After a marvelous month of retail sales (thanks to everybody that contributed!), we are very proud to announce that we sent a check totaling $6,460.2 to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Foundation.