With stints in Paris and London to go with ten years at ARROJO NYC, Vincent Minchelli is a master stylist renowned for visionary scissor-cutting techniques and trendsetting work at New York Fashion Week. To celebrate a decade with our brand, we’ve asked Vincent to share some thoughts on the craft, fashion’s latest trends, and working with ARROJO. Read more below... 
Vincent, after growing up in Paris –– a fashion capital in its own right –– what brought you to New York?
I came to NYC to further my career, and to be part of the culture. I feel that I’ve taken a great path. I worked in Paris and London, then I came to New York. France is known for fashion, but growing up there it was New York that was the Mecca. I always wanted to come here. 
Paris, London, New York are all renowned hairdressing cities. Is there a difference in their approach?
In France techniques and styles are kept simple, classic. London has a much stronger avant-garde feel. New York has a great mix of the two. It’s the ultimate melting pot. 
You have a great reputation in the fashion industry. What kind of work do you do?
I started doing the Robert Geller and N Hoolywood New York Fashion Week shows soon after starting at ARROJO. Both designers represent high-end fashion with a touch of street inspiration and flair. It’s much like my aesthetic. That helped me create work that matched the designers’ vision, and we’ve been working together ever since. Fashion Week is something I always look forward to. 
What is it you like about show work? Can you give us any hints on future trends?
It’s nice to have creative freedom. The designer comes with a backstory and then you get to play with the idea, using your inspirations to make something memorable. I’m influenced by Brooklyn streets, architecture, food, real people –– I use these influences to help the designer make a strong statement. It’s also great to see trends emerge. For example, men’s trends have been preppy for a few years, but I think it’s about to change and that’s exciting. I see a New Romantic punk feeling over the next few seasons. I’m looking forward to it. 
How does this kind of work influence how you approach each salon client?
The New York clientele is looking for something on trend, yet unique. I see that as the skill of a top stylist: To know the trends, but to adapt and twist them to make the client look and feel special, like they own their piece of that trend. 
Even with the talent-rich team at ARROJO, you’re revered for your scissor-cutting techniques. Can you tell us about them?
Hair is a 3D shape. I’m very visual. I have strong technique but to me the visual shape is more important. I taught myself a way to create lots of shape and texture using scissors, which has become a signature of my work, but it always felt natural to me. I like to create the outline and then work with the shape using feel. It gives me lots of control; scissors become an extension of my hands. I can create soft shapes, take out weight, and texturize The hair always grows out perfectly. 
How does this approach effect your work with both women and men?
Whoever the client, I tailor my work to them. I am not a salesman trying to sell a particular hair cut; I am passionate about envisioning a shape and a style that my client and I believe in. For my own tastes, I like men to look classic and dapper with a twist; and I like to work with women’s hair that is either very long or very short. But the idea is for the client to be happy. It’s good to talk it through in the consultation because when you work together on a creative vision the results can be amazing.
Finally, after ten years at ARROJO what are some of your most memorable moments?
I am incredibly proud and happy to be a part of the growth of this company. When I started it was an 18-chair salon with a great reputation; now it is one of the world’s leading hairdressing brands –– it’s amazing. To work alongside Nick is another highlight. He’s a pioneer, and a real mentor to me and my work. One thing that you see over time is the growth of the apprentices. Very few salons, if any, have an apprentice-training program as detailed and as intensive as ARROJO. As the apprentices go from young talent to masters of craft and creativity you realize how much ARROJO puts back into the industry –– how being here is being part of something special. 
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Image: Debbie Miracola