Curl Definer and shipping gifted with $50+ orders till May 17. Curl Definer is a modern liquid gel adding hold, definition, and frizz-fighting humidity defense to curls. For an added benefit, Curl Definer is amazing for blow-drying hair sleek and straight. Get pro tips below. . . 
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Tips for Defining Curls: Apply Curl Definer to damp hair. Comb through for even distribution. Gently cup, squeeze, and scrunch curls individually as hair dries, creating a soft and natural curl formation. For bigger bouncier curls, diffuse dry rather than hand-drying. 
Tips for a Straight Blow-Dry: Whenever you want to blow-dry curly or unruly hair smooth and straight, use the hold and control of Curl Definer to create sleek looks. Apply from roots to ends of damp hair, and blow-dry using lots of heat and a boar bristle round brush. 
Curl Definer Key Ingredients: 
Kiwi Fruit Extract is moisture-rich to add shine and strength. 
Matricaria Flower Extract protects and conditions hair. 
Henna Leaf Extract anti-oxidizes. 
ARROJO: Love Your Hair. We Do. 
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