ARROJO Product ReNew CoWash was featured on The Fashion Spot as one of the top cleansing conditioners in the hair biz. Haven’t ridden the co-washing wave yet? Here’s why you should try it…
The below article is republished from The Fashion Spot.
“Co-washing, aka washing with cleansing conditioners only, is another option that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Co-washing works best for anyone with coarse, dry or curly hair. Those with fine hair will want to proceed with caution because co-washing can make hair flatter and oilier. However, Nick Arrojo, owner and founder of ARROJO, encourages everyone to try co-washing if they’re interested because all hair types are different. He recommends experimenting with co-washing in the winter when hair is drier and usually needs extra hydration.
Whether choosing a conditioner or a cleansing conditioner, Arrojo suggests trialing co-washing by first replacing one shampoo a week with a co-wash to see how hair reacts. If strands benefit from the conditioner-only approach, increase to two to three co-washes per week. Resist the temptation to do multiple co-washes straight away because hair can sometimes have a difficult time adjusting. The result? Greasy roots.
The big question with co-washing is, do you ever use shampoo? While there are a lot of stories about people who said goodbye to shampoo years ago and never went back, the experts say that it’s still necessary to cleanse with shampoo every so often. Sears suggests doing a shampoo cleanse about every two weeks to remove any excess buildup.
Similarly, co-washing isn’t something that is meant to be done on a daily basis. The experts agree that co-washing a couple of times a week is normally sufficient, but that it’s ultimately about what works for your hair. If strands are feeling or looking dull, limp or heavy, try shampooing. As with a lot of beauty regimens, co-washing is really about experimenting and finding a routine that works best for you for good hair days, every day.”
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