The Ambassadors Program is for salon owners and stylists who want to carry ARROJO product, and enjoy the benefits of working with an independent brand that is committed to elevating their business. One way we do this is by attending and supporting events that are organized by our Ambassador Partners. Recently Nick Arrojo travelled to New Mexico for two days. On the first day, he presented at Square Root Salon’s Fashion Show Fundraiser and, on day two, he led a class focused on latest trends. 
The big weekend started with "Runway with Scissors" as Square Root galvanized a large group of hairdressers from the surrounding environs to come together to put on an inspirational show for the benefit of "Albuquerque Heading Home," a community response to homelessness. Included in the group, fellow Ambassador Salon, Armando’s. It highlights the power of connection and collaboration garnered through Ambassadors, and it shows what hairdressers can do when they come together to take positive action. 
After Saturday high-octane master-jam came Sunday’s in-salon class with Nick. Few product brands can put a world-leading modern pioneer of the craft into salons around the country but our uncommon program does just that, and, from stylists eager to observe and be observed by Nick, the excitement is palpable. 
With good reason. Nick brings trends and techniques from New York’s vanguard, and the stylists are thrilled to practice these world-class skills. As techniques like internal disconnection, short to long layering, extreme asymmetry, textured outlines and interior structure come into razor-sharp focus, it’s clear this is advanced and inspirational, career-shaping education from the highest echelon of the craft. 
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