Designed to give Ambassadors the opportunity to learn from our team in an intimate environment, ‘Happy Mondays’ started as a monthly seminar in our Advanced Academy. Now we host Happy Mondays at our Ambassador locations around the country, helping our partners become pillars of education and inspiration in their communities. With Nick Arrojo in town to facilitate the event, the latest salon to enjoy this unique benefit was Ira Ludwick Salon, a business in Bethesda, Maryland. 
It is rare for a world-renowned hairdressing pioneer to travel to your town to give complimentary education, yet that is exactly what Nick does for each of these Happy Mondays events, and a packed audience of excited local professionals highlights the coup of Ira Ludwick’s eponymous salon. 
When the event gets going, the crowd’s not disappointed. After a lively and fun introduction, Nick takes center-stage to demonstrate his signature technique with the straightedge blade. Showing skills that blend technical precision with creative vision, Nick brings craftsmanship and trend awareness into sharp focus in Bethesda. 
Nick’s words, meanwhile, promote the value of training and tutelage: “education is integral to our culture because we’ve found knowledge to be the backbone of strong technique, creative expression, confidence with clients, professional growth and success. Now we work with our Ambassadors to spread this message far and wide.” 
After the event, Ira was quick to point out where he sees the value:
“Nick is a hairdressing troubadour, spreading his positive message, and I was happy to offer him the stage. I was pleased to host and give Nick and his team the opportunity to shine, they were terrific. Everyone left happy. It was truly a Happy Mondays. It was exciting to open up my doors to the hairdressing community and celebrate my new space. Our brand came across well too; we are in alignment, that’s why I work with ARROJO, it makes sense for me as a salon owner.”
To continue to strengthen the relationship, Ira is bringing in an ARROJO in-salon educator on September 9th for a styling class. The idea is to capitalize on the momentum of this event, maintain his staff’s enthusiasm, and continue to improve. 
As Ira says: “We want to work with fewer vendors and carry more weight with them. ARROJO is great for us because they pay attention to the needs of the stylists, create products that are style driven, and at a retail price point that’s accessible to my clients.”
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Photos: Jeff Elkins