With classes five days a week for four consecutive weeks, Boot Camp empowers hairdressers to learn, practice and master all the elements of our world-leading approach to modern and creative, precision-based hairdressing. It is a terrific way for hairdressers to go from good to great, from potential to realization. This summer’s edition was full of aspirational stylists eager to improve their skills. It made for a stirring month of education and perspiration, insight and inspiration. Keep reading to hear about Boot Camp, directly from the attendees....
“These past four weeks have been more than excellent. The ARROJO team has been great, a real inspiration and motivation for me to be the stylist I want to be.” –– Alexandra Kelly
“Thank you all so much. I truly am leaving as a new woman, a new stylist, and so inspired. You’ve given me the confidence to perfect my craft and pursue my dreams.” –– Gabriana Bell 
“A life-changing experience. I wish I could do it all over again!” –– Kelly Lee
“Now I can visualize the hair cut better than ever before. I know how to put together a game plan for the complete look.” –– Renee Swisher 
“Loved it. I learned so much. The educators were great and it has opened the door for me to get more education.” –– Cristina Mujica
“I want to thank everyone at ARROJO, everything you taught me has been an amazing experience." –– Rachael Karyczak
“I have never grown so much in four weeks in my entire life. Amazing." –– Weslie Cheney
“I had an amazing experience at Boot Camp. All the instructors were so helpful and knowledgeable. The place to get an education!” –– Megan Kollar
“I feel more confident than ever. An excellent program, and an amazing experience.” –– Zachary Philips
“I loved Boot Camp. I learned so much. I hope to take everything I have learned and put it into action.” –– Katherine Steinnagel
“I enjoyed this class so much. Everyone in the ARROJO team is so great. I loved learning new things and being in such a positive environment.” –– Leslye Van Sickle
For more info on Boot Camp, including booking info for 2014, please call: 212 242 7786 ext 207. Or email: Loretta@arrojonyc.com