With a Day One editorial presentation and a Day Two hands-on workshop to learn the skills featured on the first day, ARROJO Expo NYC offers hairdressers the opportunity to watch, learn, practice and master our trailblazing approach to fashion-forward hair painting. 
Freehand hair painting can be used for a range of salon services, from highlights to ombre. For the colorist, the beauty is how easy it is to customize, which puts the freedom to create into their hands; for the client, it is as economical as it is fashionable because it doesn’t leave strong lines of demarcation or re-growth. For these reasons, hair painting is now one of the most popular salon services. During Expo, we take you to the heart of the new vanguard.
The Day One presentation uses high contrast and soft dimension to create looks from subtle to vibrant. During the show, you’ll see how our master colorists use hair painting to graduate color from dark to light, vary the density of brightness, emphasize shine, spotlight facial features, and minimize problem areas –– all incorporated into high-octane, editorial exposition.  
On Day Two we head to the classroom for a hands-on workshop that delves into the details of this artisan technique. You’ll learn to use heavier or lighter saturations for varying effects; painting from narrow to wide for natural-looking high and low lights; using the peaks and valley’s of the hair line as your guide. You also learn how to paint in horizontal, diagonal, and zig-zag sections –– each technique has its own benefits, ranging from best for painting small pieces, best for an evenly blended finish, best for low-lighting.
Full Details Soon to Be Released
Please Note: If you are an Expo ticket holder, you can secure your place on the Day Two hair painting workshop by calling Gordon Nelson on: 212 242 7786. Or Email: gordon@arrojonyc.com
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