Spend $60+ to get Gentle Conditioner and Shipping gifted with your online order. Made with coconut, avocado, and sesame seed oils, and with no sulfates or sodium- chloride, this conditioner is a great option for those that prefer the benefits of organic and natural ingredients. Great for keratin-treated hair. Fragranced with fresh verbena. Adds luster, shine, and moisture. 
Gentle Conditioner auto-adds to online orders over $60. Plus, we always offer free shipping on all orders over $50*. 
4 Tips for Making Your Conditioner More Effective
Towel dry before you apply. The more water you remove from your hair, the more effectively it will absorb product. Use a microfiber towel to blot hair thoroughly without tangling.
Only use it once. Although many bottles encourage you to “rinse and repeat” multiple applications are likely to weigh your hair down without added benefits.
Make sure you use enough. Apply product starting with the ends and don’t be afraid to add more if your hair absorbs all the product.
Don’t leave it on too long. The timing recommendation on your bottle of conditioner is not an arbitrary number. Leaving conditioner on for too long can leave hair brittle or oily. The recommended time will give you the maximum benefits.
Pair Gentle Shampoo with Gentle Conditioner for the ultimate natural, organic cleansing experience. 
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