Want shapely summer body? Enjoy more bounce to the ounce as Volume Foam & Shipping gift with $60+. Using amino acids to thicken & essential minerals to strengthen, Volume Foam creates eye-catching body & bounce. Offer available till 07/30/18.
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Offer available till 07/30/18. 
Volume Foam lifts, thickens, supports all hair types, especially fine, thin, or lifeless hair. It’s a great blow-dry product & the perfect foundation product for styling long hair. 
Key Ingredients: Vitamin B5. Amino acids. Flower oil.
Scented with lavender-pear.
Classic Full Blow-Out: Towel-dry hair to damp. Apply handfuls of Volume Foam, roots to ends. Blow-dry, roots to ends, allowing the brush & the dryer to do the work. 
The Softness with Volume 2-4-1: Pair Volume Foam with Cream Whip to get the extra fullness & hold of volume foam, with the extra shine and softness and luster of Whip. 
Mix together & blow-dry as desired.
Bouncy Bombshell Waves: Apply Volume Foam to damp hair & blow-dry loosely in hands, creating natural texture. Mist hair with Protective Thickening Lotion & curl in opposite directions with a wand.
Dry Hair Upside Down For Loose Fullness: Rough-dry hair upside down for a quick way to full bouncy styles. Work a handful of Volume Foam through hair before flipping over & blow-drying with hands. Use refinish dry shampoo for extra oomph.
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