Every Thursday we do a #BrooklynLive stream on Facebook, where Nick performs a makeover and provides cutting education. This week was no different except for that the change was done on a fiery red head (and everyone was dying to get their hands on the color formula). 
I spoke with Ashley Kowalsky, Master Colorist & ARROJO TriBeCa Team Lead to find out the color process & formulation how-to. To watch the cut by Nick Arrojo, click here.
The Goldwell color formula for this Virgin Double Process is:
RR @ all      
GK @ all    
PK @ all 
NB @ 10
Color by Ashley Kowalsky of ARROJO TriBeCa
Cut by Nick Arrojo
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Step 1: Virgin Double Process Application
Step 2: Preglaze with Colorance and an Elumen Overlay Red Finish